History repeating itself?

In 2012, the Monday before The Super league Grand Final, I was sat in The Liverpool Royal Hospital being told I had a grade III soft tissue sarcoma.

In 2013, the Monday before The Super league Grand Final, I was sat in The Liverpool Royal Hospital being told that this has spread to my lungs.

What does this mean?
Basically I have three lesions, one in my right lung – on the pleura (so this is the little bugger that caused my pleurisy!), and two at the top of my left lung. Tomorrow I will be having a PET scan and an MRI in the week.

Next Steps
Once I’ve had these two scans, Mr Chandrasekar will confirm my treatment plan. There are two scenarios:
i) chemotherapy
ii) surgery and chemotherapy

As he said, we are in for a rough ride, but this is a setback but I will get thru it. Chemo will make me poorly but it will also save my life.

I never thought I’d be starting this journey again, but I am, and as Mr Chandra said, it’s only set me back 3-6 months so what’s that in the grand scheme of things?

I feel more positive and determined to kick some butt!!

On a side note, I hope history doesn’t repeat itself on Saturday and I hope that Warrington Wolves win the Grand Final this year. Come on boys!

Take care xxxx


Scare this week finished by awesome fundraiser…

What a week…..!

Firstly I had a scare on Wednesday night…I found a lump under my scar.  To say I was upset is a massive understatement, so on Thursday morning I went to see Mr Chandrasekar.  He immediately found the lump and said its scar tissue.  There are no words to describe how relieved I felt.  As the lump is in my leg Mr Chandra wants to do a scan as a precautionary measure – I offered to cancel my holiday for this week and he said not to as he’s confident its scar tissue.  His lovely smiley face just put me at ease so I am glad that I went to see him as I know I wouldn’t have

enjoyed my holiday without seeing him first….

Auction to Raise funds for Clatterbridge


Last night we attended a charity auction night in Burtonwood which was arranged by Mark Breary.  Mark has recently had cancer and was treated at this wonderful hospital.  It was a fantastic night and he was supported by Gary Forber and Lee Briers.

Mark had sourced lots of great items to auction – one being a signed Warrington Australia 2012 shirt which set me back 260 notes……but its worth it for such an amazing worthwhile cause!! (and cos Brett Hodgson signed it…!)

Heres a pic of me and my gorgeous man with the lovely Lee Briers and our shirt.

Em, John & LeeMe with shirtOverall Mark managed to raise over £4000!!!!!  Everyone was very generous and went all out to support this fabulous night to make it a success.

Having experienced Clatterbridge I can honestly say that this is definitely a worthwhile cause.There would be days where I would be sat there for 4 hours plus and the one thing that I noticed was that not everyone has somebody. Please remember to appreciate the people that you do have in your lives as they are there for a reason….