Set back…

In my previous post Are Disabilities Visible (14 April 13) I forgot to mention that Mr Chandrasekar offered me my 2nd 12 week check up scan on my lungs.  This was originally due on 29th April but Mr Chandrasekar asked if I would like to have it there and then to save me returning three weeks later.  I panicked at first as I was at the hospital alone and anyone who has the big C will know how nerve wrecking these scans are….but I bit the bullet and agreed.  I’m pleased to say that it was clear.  I only need to go back in early August now for my 3rd 12 week check up 🙂  Only another 18 to go….(not that I’m counting!!)

I went away this weekend to Scotland to visit my brother.  For the 2nd night we went to the gorgeous hotel where he has booked his wedding to the lovely Sabrina.  It was a 1 and a half  hours drive away from Edinburgh but it was definitely worth it-gorgeous, remote and secluded.  We had a lovely time there but I somehow managed to trap my sciatic nerve .  If you have never had the pleasure of having a trapped sciatic nerve, trust me its the most awful pain.  I was in absolute agony and couldn’t even stand up by Sunday morning – I missed the breakfast, but John sneaked a sausage out for me (much to Dave’s embarrassment!)   🙂

I called the Scottish NHS help line and they made me an appointment at the Edinburgh Royal for Sunday afternoon. Once there, I was poked, prodded and tested for clots.  Thankfully, I was clot free – just had a trapped nerve – which was caused by the fact I have a (slight) limp and putting extra strain on my left recently as my right leg has been struggling.    The Dr prescribed me Diclofanec, Co-Codamol and Diazepam.  The Diazepam didnt help the pain, it completely knocked me out, made me woozy and dozy. (a bit like Vodka really!)

I fell asleep as we left Edinburgh (after taking a Diazepam) and woke up just as we passed Carlisle and thought we had been driving for an hour….no-poor John had been driving for almost 3 hours in terrible weather.  At least he had some peace eh?! (and I didn’t have to consciously endure his driving!!!)

                                       Was this how we got home from Edinburgh?funny crazy driver 11

And now….
So here I am 5 days later and still in agony 😦 I’m even back to using my walking stick :/  The Dr has now prescribed me with a painkiller that is specific to nerve pain, Lyrica.  I’ve been taking it for just over 24 hours and can feel it starting to work ,  hopefully I will start to improve over the next few days. 

The thing that has upset me the most about this is, that I got through major surgery, radiotherapy and the big C….and was still standing, then this stupid trapped nerve crippled me.  Its made worse by the fact that my right leg is still weak. 

Positivity will always help with recovery and my anger will only prolong my pain, so I have now changed how I view the trapped nerve: it’s a minor setback in my recovery.  It’s a wake up call that I need to slow down and take it easy, to stop trying to run before I can walk.