Great news with perfect timing for Sarcoma Awareness Week #Sarcoma #cancer

Morning everyone,

June has been a really busy month for me. I’ve been working most days, had an MRI scan and a CT scan. So, here’s an update.

I went for my three monthly check up on my leg. Mr Chanasekar wasn’t there so I saw Dr Yin. (I’ve only met him once and that was a few days before diagnosis so it’s been almost two years) he immediately made reference to the lump I have under my scar. Sarah (my CNS) and I explained it has been there for 14 months or so and all scans have showed up clear since then. Dr Yin wanted to be on the safe side so he referred me for an MRI. Cue whirlwinds of scary thoughts around my head…. I had to go for my results last Monday – John was at work, and Mum was on holiday so Laura came along with me. Now for those of you that don’t know Laura – she cries at Peppa Pig….! So by the time Mr Chandrasekar had walked in, we were both in tears! Bet he was gutted to have two emotional Tickles sat in his room! Great news though, the scans were clear! Phew!

The following day, I was scheduled for a CT scan to check my lungs. Now this was the scariest one for me. The scan itself was only a few minutes but it’s the torture of waiting for results and not knowing if there is anything lurking. As I left the scan, Sarah, my nurse, was sat waiting to say hello. She was with another sarcoma patient who had a scan at the same time so it was like a reunion!
On Friday (not even 72 hours after my scan) I was sat at work, minding my own business, when my mobile rang with a number I wasn’t familiar with. I wasn’t going to answer as I had lost all my numbers the previous day so assumed it was just another Tickle wanting a chinwag. Curiosity got the better of me and I answered to hear Mr Chandrasekars voice at the other end. Time stood still (cue music from a horror film) and I felt sick. I asked why he was calling and he immediately informed me the brilliant news that my lungs were clear. I have never felt relief like it in my life. Thanks to Kate and Joe for being there when I needed celebratory hugs!

I know that this journey with cancer is far from over but each time I get a ‘clear’ scan, it spurs me on and gives me more hope.

My thoughts go out to each and every one of you fighting cancer, that have appointments, scans, biopsies, results, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or any other treatment. Keep going.

Sarcoma awareness week
Today is the start of Sarcoma Awareness Week, and I am going to Birmingham for the press launch. I am so excited and I hope I get to meet Richard Whitehead!
I am off on holiday this week so I am going to take my Sarcoma t-shirt and get pictures at some famous landmarks. I will post them when I get back 🙂

For more information about Sarcoma please visit the Sarcoma UK website at

Goodbye for now. Take care xxx

Standing up to Cancer… #Sarcoma

It’s been 13 days since I had the surgery on my lungs. Whilst I am in a little pain, I am doing really well and am pleased with my progress.

My wonderful surgeon has just called me to confirm that they have analysed the tumour that was removed and……the cancer cells were completely destroyed. This is fantastic news and means that the chemo did a brilliant job!

I still have one very small tumour on my left lung and I have decided to continue with the next operation to remove it. It’s more psychological but I do not want to leave a single tumour in my body that could come back to life. So on that note, I will be back in the suite at Broadgreen on Friday!

Thinking of friends
Whilst I have had success with my cancer treatment, not everyone has been that lucky. There are a few people who are having it rough and I just want to say don’t give up! There are lots of treatments available and sometimes you have to try a few to find the one that suits you.

Take care and I’ll update soon xx

Groggy but awake #Sarcoma #Cancer

Morning world

In pleased to say that I’m awake after my surgery yesterday.  I’ve had a middle lobectomy on my right lung…. and yes it was done by keyhole surgery!

I was groggy and emotional post op. I am in pain today and have no voice which will definitely make some people happy….

My next surgery (on the left lung) is pencilled in for two weeks time.  Mr Shackcloth had said we can always push it back if I feel unwell. I’m very pleased about this as I didn’t want to wait six weeks-not than I’m impatient or anything…..

Thought I’d share a few pics of my time here.  Don’t look at the first one of you’re squeamish!
My holes and drain


This contraption on my legs keeps my circulation going.  It massages both legs and feels amazing.  I’m gutted it’s come off this morning! P.s note the surgical stockings and blue slippers – sexy!


Please meet Bertina and Berta. These are Berts twin sisters…..


Finally this is my sister who was so jealous of my sexy slippers she had to have a go.  No Sue-they don’t look better on you….


Thank you
Finally a big thanks to everyone who has messaged me.  Thanks to a Rob who shared encouraging words and insight into the op as he’s been through this. Thanks to Louise for my hospital survival kit.

A huge thank you to Mike,  Sue,  Mum & Dad for being here yesterday. Especially to mum for staying so late because I was being a baby.

The biggest thank you is to my lovely John.  John sadly lost his Dad yesterday but was still here to support me.  John seriously is my rock and he is amazing and I can never thank him enough.

Bye for now
I’m signing off now but will keep you updated.  One final picture which shows my donkey of a sister picking up the Uno cards she dropped all over the floor….. 😀


History repeating itself?

In 2012, the Monday before The Super league Grand Final, I was sat in The Liverpool Royal Hospital being told I had a grade III soft tissue sarcoma.

In 2013, the Monday before The Super league Grand Final, I was sat in The Liverpool Royal Hospital being told that this has spread to my lungs.

What does this mean?
Basically I have three lesions, one in my right lung – on the pleura (so this is the little bugger that caused my pleurisy!), and two at the top of my left lung. Tomorrow I will be having a PET scan and an MRI in the week.

Next Steps
Once I’ve had these two scans, Mr Chandrasekar will confirm my treatment plan. There are two scenarios:
i) chemotherapy
ii) surgery and chemotherapy

As he said, we are in for a rough ride, but this is a setback but I will get thru it. Chemo will make me poorly but it will also save my life.

I never thought I’d be starting this journey again, but I am, and as Mr Chandra said, it’s only set me back 3-6 months so what’s that in the grand scheme of things?

I feel more positive and determined to kick some butt!!

On a side note, I hope history doesn’t repeat itself on Saturday and I hope that Warrington Wolves win the Grand Final this year. Come on boys!

Take care xxxx