Scare this week finished by awesome fundraiser…

What a week…..!

Firstly I had a scare on Wednesday night…I found a lump under my scar.  To say I was upset is a massive understatement, so on Thursday morning I went to see Mr Chandrasekar.  He immediately found the lump and said its scar tissue.  There are no words to describe how relieved I felt.  As the lump is in my leg Mr Chandra wants to do a scan as a precautionary measure – I offered to cancel my holiday for this week and he said not to as he’s confident its scar tissue.  His lovely smiley face just put me at ease so I am glad that I went to see him as I know I wouldn’t have

enjoyed my holiday without seeing him first….

Auction to Raise funds for Clatterbridge


Last night we attended a charity auction night in Burtonwood which was arranged by Mark Breary.  Mark has recently had cancer and was treated at this wonderful hospital.  It was a fantastic night and he was supported by Gary Forber and Lee Briers.

Mark had sourced lots of great items to auction – one being a signed Warrington Australia 2012 shirt which set me back 260 notes……but its worth it for such an amazing worthwhile cause!! (and cos Brett Hodgson signed it…!)

Heres a pic of me and my gorgeous man with the lovely Lee Briers and our shirt.

Em, John & LeeMe with shirtOverall Mark managed to raise over £4000!!!!!  Everyone was very generous and went all out to support this fabulous night to make it a success.

Having experienced Clatterbridge I can honestly say that this is definitely a worthwhile cause.There would be days where I would be sat there for 4 hours plus and the one thing that I noticed was that not everyone has somebody. Please remember to appreciate the people that you do have in your lives as they are there for a reason….

Moving on….


Hi all,
Haven’t been on for a while so thought I’d update what’s been going on.

I’ve been back at work for a month now. I’m in a new job which is really good and keeping me busy. Everyone’s been great and it feels like I’ve never been away. My employers, my boss in particular, were fantastic in the support they provided when I was off, which made my return to work so much easier.

I went to a Sarcoma support group two weeks ago. It was good to see people who have or are experiencing the same illness. It makes you realise you are not alone and that someone does understand!

While I was off work my lovely colleague Liz held a ‘Cake Sale’ in order to raise funds for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Liz makes AMAZING cakes and managed to raise a whopping £405. Liz and I went to their fundraising office to take the money and they were so appreciative of it.  After gift aid, the total raised from Liz’s cakes and Team McClozzer’s sober January exceeds £2500!!!! This is amazing and I want to say a huge thank you for your support.

I went to see Dr Alam yesterday. She wanted to check my leg after my treatment. It all looks good so don’t need to see her for six months now.  My next ‘check up’ and lung xray is at the end of April. Whilst it is scary waiting for each one I am determined to ‘move on’ and live life to the fullest…..starting with a trip away in two weeks. Cheeky, especially as I went to Amsterdam 4 weeks ago 😉

We are celebrating tonight. Its my brothers engagement ‘do’ so he has traipsed down from Edinburgh with 7 Scottish people who are all so excited to party in the hotspot that is Warrington…!!

Have fun and will update again soon.




I received my new walking stick this morning. It is a sparkly spangly stick covered in over 2500 gorgeous bling rhinestones. I went for a fold away stick as I don’t need it 100% of the time, but I find myself unnecessarily using it as I have nowhere to put it.  I want to reduce my dependancy on the stick, but I know that I will need it on holidays wether its down to lots of walking on city breaks, or safely getting to the pool (I’m not very good walking on wet surfaces!!).  At least I can return my temporary stick to Clatterbridge in the morning, honestly the orange sticker shouting ‘Clatterbridge Oncology Dept’ was enough to force me to try walking without one…!

A huge thanks to for my beautiful custom made stick.


Single figures….

Old Friends
Yesterday on my way to my session I bumped into Hannah. Hannah was in the next bed to me in Broadgreen after having a soft tissue sarcoma removed, also in her leg. She only has three treatments left – I don’t know how we have got this far into our session without bumping into each other! Was lovely to see her doing so well and will see her again later in the month when we go for our first of our 12 weekly check ups.

Normality…for my sanity
I will be returning to work on 18th February. Can’t wait to get back to routine and normality because I am bored and there is a risk to my sanity if I have to stay off work any longer….!!

I had my 21st treatment today….that means I only have 9 sessions remaining. Woop freaking woop!


Take it easy and be careful if the snow hits us tonight!

Another recruit to Team Mcclozzer

We have another recruit into Team Mcclozzer. My uncle – Kev “under the table” McNicholas is giving up alcohol in January in support of Clatterbridge.

His page is here:

Here we are drinking in Wembley August 2010. This photo was taken approx 5 hours before he was…under the table!

Kev 1

The team are doing fantastic and I am so proud that they are doing this for such a wonderful cause. My treatment is going well and I am glad that I am going here for it, the staff are amazing and I know that they appreciate every penny that is donated to the centre.

Thanks for your support.

Need a beer??

My amazing man (John ‘Sambucca’ McCloskey) is giving up alcohol for January, now for those of you that know him, this is a big deal!!

In return for not being a drunken bum, he is asking that you sponsor him for charity.
Click this link to see his page: John McCloskeys Draythlon Page

He has even managed to recruit another three nutters to undertake this challenge…. My wonderful friend Bev ‘Baby Guiness’ Hope, my amazing Uncle Paul ‘lager’ McNicholas and Aunty Helen ‘Red Wine’ McNicholas.

To view their pages click this link: Team Mcclozzer page

The team are raising money for the Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. They have chosen this charity as this is where I am currently receiving treatment. This charity is the only source of charity funding for the hospital. There’s is more information on the teams pages.

good luck Team Mcclozzer

Meet The Team…
John ‘Sambucca’ McCloskey


Bev ‘Baby Guiness’ Hope


Paul ‘lager’ McNicholas


Helen ‘Red Wine’ McNicholas