PET scan

I had a PET scan today. (No jokes folks!!!) PET scanners are so expensive that they are only found in larger hospitals and they are not used to diagnose Cancer in the first instance, MRI and CT’s are used primarily. I’m lucky that I was given one within 24 hours of seeing Dr Chandra yesterday.

So what is it?
PET is a full body scan to detect certain cancers and will show 3D imaging of my body. (Pretty amazing stuff I’d say!). Before the scan I had to have tests, blood sugar, height & weight etc then I was moved to an isolation room where I was injected with a radioactive radiotracer in my hand. I then had to sit for an hour, in the dark, on my own, being quiet…for those of you that don’t know me, that was torturous!

I was scanned from my head to just below my knee, then I had to turn around while they did the rest of my legs. This amazing machine costs ¬£1.8 million and doesn’t cover anyone over 5ft4 hee hee. It took over and hour and when I finished I was pleased to see my lovely clinical nurse waiting for me. I had a little weep but she instantly made me feel better.

The PET CT scanner at Liverpool

Mental Torture
How do you take your mind off it?
Well that’s a difficult question to answer. The big C is constantly on my mind and no matter what I do, and it will never go away. I was genuinely expecting to get my first year all clear on 14th October so this has really knocked me sideways, and is mentally torturing me more than last years diagnosis. What’s making it even worse is that I can’t touch it….last year my tumour was visible and I could feel it – this is so much worse as I know it’s eating away at my lungs and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

Waiting for the scan results and treatment plan is also killing me – again for those who haven’t actually met me I’m probably the most impatient person the planet has ever seen…..! I will be keeping myself busy, in fact, tomorrow we are resurrecting ‘Cake Club’ at Chouxchouxbedoo on Newton High Street. I am determined to enjoy my food while I still can!

Goodnight peeps xxx