Chemotherapy by numbers #Sarcoma

Well, who can believe that I’ve finally finished my chemo. It doesn’t seem five minutes since I had my CT scan and was sat I front of Dr Chandra being told we have to start this fight again. After I finished radio in January 2013 I wrote the blog post Radiotherapy in numbers and I thought I’d do the same for chemo. So here goes….

3 lung mets
18 nights on Sulby Ward at Clatterbridge
18 week journey
2160 miles travelled in the ELT mobile
0 times John took the wrong turnoff (at the same point from M53-M56) <strong>well done!!!!!</strong>
3 hospital meals consumed
2 X-rays
2 MRI scans
2 CT scans
54 minutes of Doxirubicin chemo
72 hours of Ifosomide
4 wigs
1 picc line
9 cannulas
1 leak of chemo
4 Friday morning visits from Vicky
12 Krispy Kreme donuts (courtesy of Claire)….

…..and <strong>far too many visitors to mention</strong>

There have been too many kisses, cuddles and tears.

I have been overwhelmed by the support that I have received from each and every one of you. I honestly can’t thank you all enough for making the trek to visit me. Especially to John and my Mum & Dad who were there every day for me. I would also like to thank Bert for behaving ­čÖé


Fun Fun Fun

I’ve been a busy bee since finishing treatment. I’ve been to Edinburgh to watch a show and have drinkies with the Scottish McTickles – thanks Dave & Sabs!! We went to London last weekend for a cheeky trip of luxury and partying. ┬áSo it’s just one more trip before my surgery next month then we will have to calm it for a few months while I recover!

well that’s it for now. speak soon xxx

p.s here’s the gorgeous roses from my secret admirer at Valentines!