Sarcomas are rare tumours, in fact the are only about 3000 people diagnosed with them every year. Liverpool Royal diagnose approximately 100 people per year. I am in that 100.

Definition from

Soft tissue sarcomas are cancers that develop from cells in the soft, supporting tissues of the body. They can occur in muscle, fat, blood vessels or in any of the other tissues that support, surround and protect the organs of the body.

Any swelling that is bigger than a golf ball [5cm] and is getting bigger could be a sarcoma. Please don’t leave any lump alone, if you have one, anywhere, get it checked today.

Click here to visit the Macmillan website for more detail.

My tumour is in my right thigh and is a pretty big one! It is approximately 21.5cm x 12cm x 5 cm. although my specialist keeps telling me that it’s not massive compared to others he has seen!! One patient of his had a sarcoma weighing 10kg- that’s the same weight as three babies!


5 thoughts on “Sarcoma

  1. ARLEIGH Daintrre says:

    Hi Emma, stumbled across your blog whilst looking at sarcomas, my husband is currently in hospital after a below the knee amputation to remove a sarcoma….

    I will now be following your blog for progress. Good luck for the future xxxx


  2. Jan Tickle says:

    how amazing were the surgeons photos of your op and tumour though????
    makes you realise what an amazing job these people do day in and day out!!!!
    so appreciative of your brilliant surgeon Emma, he is a star!!!
    love mum xxx


  3. Jan Tickle says:

    well yours ended up much larger than originally shown … 31cm (12″+) and 2/3 kg (6lb+)
    hard to imagine that huge monster living in your thigh!!! no wonder you are so relieved now its gone!!!
    take care an dget well soon, but take it easy xxx
    lots of love mum xxxx


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