Referral to Liverpool Royal

Sarcoma MDT…

On 1st October I had an appointment with Mr Chandrasekar, a Sarcoma surgeon based at Liverpool Royal Hospital.  He had reviewed my scans and wanted me to have a biopsy so he could 100% diagnose me. The growth was really deep and was encircling my bone.  He had space for one biopsy that day and he gave me that appointment.

The biopsy wasn’t painful however the following week I experienced terrible pain in my leg as a result of the needle being inserted so deep into my leg.


2 thoughts on “Referral to Liverpool Royal

  1. derek uk says:

    Sadly my dear friend has been diagnosed with sarcoma and will be operated on as soon as soon as;f the op can be arranged several surgeons are required.The sacoma is situated in her shoulder to neck-you are a very brave and kind lady to share your experience with us all-I do hope the pain subsides and your condition improves.
    Respectfully powerfulheart


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