Post op results – 29th October

Well, I had my post op appointment today at Liverpool Royal.

My nurse, Sarah, took my dressing off and I was able to see the scar. It wasn’t how I imagined it – it is a neat slice and is healing well. My Chandra is extremely pleased with the way it is healing. Sarah redressed the wound and hopefully this can come off next week.

The tumour has been fully removed from my leg! It was a mixed sarcoma and this is quite common with sarcomas in this area.
It was 31cm long and weighed 3.5kg/7.7lbs!! It’s hard to believe that I was walking around with a tumour the size of a baby!

Anyway now for the science bit, it was a grade 3 sarcoma – which is the highest grade. Grade 3 means that the cells are actively dividing and high risk of spreading. Luckily the tumour has been removed in its entirety.

Along with my tumour, Mr Chandra removed my vastus lateralis muscle and over half of my intermedius muscle. My rectus muscle is also weakened as a result. My medialus muscle is working, so out of a possible four muscles in my thigh, I only have one fully functioning – no wonder I can’t lift my leg!

There is a 1 in 5 chance of sarcoma returning to the original location. To reduce this risk, Mr Chandra would like me to see a Radiotherapy Specialist to see if I can have this treatment – there are usually risks to doing this treatment on a large area and my scar is approx 50cm. I will have an MRI scan on my leg in 12 months to see if there has been any reoccurrence of the cancer.

There 1 in 6 chance of this returning but in my lungs. I will need to have CT scans on my chest every 12 weeks for the next two years.

This is a huge step in the right direction and I am both emotional and happy today.

I saw this picture today on Sabrina’s Facebook and thought it was rather fitting….

13 thoughts on “Post op results – 29th October

  1. Jan Tickle says:

    amazingly brilliant news Emma, we was crying walking down street in Benidorm when you rang to tell us …am crying again reading this as it brings back the reality of what you are going through … love you lots … and so proud of how brave you are being … mum & dad


  2. Sue Gornall says:

    Em as you have said this is a huge step in the
    Right direction keep positive you are strong and inspiring and you will beat this.
    Take care xx


  3. Debra Restaino says:

    Thats great news Emma, but please stay on top of it. Do the scans every 12 weeks and ask about your tumor markers, even if they are low enough, still seek radiation or other treatment!!! Good Luck!!!


  4. HankyPankyPie says:

    Bloody hell, Bev your posts always make me cry!!!!
    Way to go Emma, we are all so proud of you and how positive you are and the way you are raising awareness for others during what is a difficult time for you.
    Much love, Sue n Boys xxx


  5. Clare Carter says:

    Emma, I’ve just read your blog linked from Bev’s Facebook. You are so brave to share your story and your positive outlook is incredibly inspiring, will keep checking in on your inspirational blog. Lots of love, positive thinking and big smiles coming atcha up the m25… wishing you well for a speedy recovery, you can beat this.
    Take care
    Love from Clare C (crawley office) xx


  6. Bev Hope says:

    I have had tears again! I know there is a way to go, but I know you will do it and be fine. You have been so positive and are truly an inspiration to others. You are my hero Emma, I love you lots and am always here for you. xxxxxxxx


  7. Jen Botts says:

    Emma, my thoughts are prayers are with you. I went through the same treatment 3 years ago. You can do this, please contact me of you need to hear from someone that has been there! I was diagnosed on my 34th birthday and just celebrated my 37th. Put those boxing gloves on and don’t give up!!


  8. vicky mckellar says:

    Hey Em I live 5-10 mins from Clatterbridge. It’s a fab hospital right as you come off the M53. So if you ever want some company on a Wed or Fri (you know Im bored on those days) I can pop up and see you. (Parking is not too bad there, when my Soph had physio every week last year we always found a car space) The staff there are fab too.( My dad was the plumber at Clatterbridge for over 25years till he retired – he he). Love Vic xxxxxxx


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