First symptoms

Initial concerns…

I went to my GP on 7th September 2012, as I was concerned abut a swelling on my leg. I noticed the swelling when I was trying on my holiday clothes, a pair of shorts wouldn’t go over my right leg. I was especially concerned as I was due to take a long haul flight to Thailand the following week.  My doctor advised me I could still travel and she would refer me to an Orthopedic specialist. I returned on the 12th as I was experiencing pain and she advised me to cancel our holiday. 

I have private health insurance with Bupa so I contacted them and made an appointment for the 17th September- I did this as the NHS could only see me on 23rd October – a whole five weeks away. I went to Mr Raut who immediately told me that I needed an MRI scan and booked me in for the 20th and booked a return appointment for the 24th to get my results. This all happened so quickly.

I had the MRI which was noisy as hell!!  The day before I was due to get my MRI results I discovered a lump in my arm, this turned out to be cellulitis as a result of the injection from the scan – Jeez, give me a break.

On 24th September, I returned to Fairfield Independent Hospital (St Helens) and Mr Raut confirmed that the swelling was consistent with a malignant tumour and he was discharging me from his care and referring me to Dr Yin and his Sarcoma MDT at Liverpool Royal. And so the journey began….


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