Today (11th October 2012) I returned to Mr Chandra(sekar) and he confirmed that I have soft tissue sarcoma.  This sarcoma is not sensitive to chemotherapy so he wants to remove the tumour as soon as possible. He also explained that this kind of cancer may spread to the lungs (it is unlikely to spread to other parts of the body) so he wants me to have a CT scan.

Mr Chandra has confirmed that the tumour in my leg is treatable – even if it has spread to my lungs, once again, it is treatable with surgery.

I had a ‘pre op’ done which included questions, swabs and bloods but at least this is out of the way now.

I will be returning to Liverpool Royal tomorrow morning for a CT scan. I am still awaiting a date for my surgery but will update as soon as I have it.

Had the CT scan and have put a post on about this

One thought on “Diagnosis

  1. Rebecca Renshaw Chism says:

    Hi Emma! My name is Rebecca, I’m glad to hear that surgery is an option for you. My husband was dx a month before his 43rd birthday (feb2012) with Leiomyosarcoma and his is also in his right thigh and since, it has spread to the lungs surgery has no longer been an option for him. They think when they first started him on radiation and chemo and did the first CAT scan the tumors were so micro that they never showed on the scan. This cancer is something else! Hang in there!


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