3 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. gloria orosco says:

    Hello Emma – i needed info & not necessary medical so I thought I query “sarcoma cancer blog” to see what i might come up with & there you were. In early May of this year I was diagnosed with a “sarcoma” often referred to as a soft tissue and/or muscle cancer. It had been a barrage of tests/scans through most of May and June & then surgery in late July. I have been advised that all of the tumor was removed as well as the muscle area immediately surrounding it. Sigh and I am happy – now, dr. is recommending radiation therapy (after my wound heals completely, probably 3 more weeks) and also chemo. i’m thinking this may be a bit overkill and putting something inside my body (chemo) that may not be necessary is worrisome to me. The radiation I understand to a certain degree but i’m unsure about the other. I am in the U.S.A. and have been reviewed & operated by a highly respectable and well known medical facility in Southern California, Keck Medical Center of USC. Do you have any comments or suggestions?

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    • dizzytix says:

      Hi Gloria, I hope you see this. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.
      I had surgery and radio initially but as all cancer was removed they didn’t do chemo as they said it would provide no benefit. If question why chemo at this stage.

      I am someone who 100% trusts the doctors though so if they say to do it, I’d want to understand why before agreeing xx


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