Drain removal… xx

Drain removal…Yay, finally had my drains removed from my leg. I have lost 1.25 litres of blood since the op so they will check my blood later to see if I need another transfusion. sorry my update isn’t more exciting so will post again later xx

Bad day….



Had a really bad morning but picked up this afternoon. Enjoyed John and his parents visiting, then Mum and Laura turned up with the beautiful baby Chloe and balloons. Even managed to walk to the loo (with a Zimmer of course) so am doing well. Took a bad turn this pm as blood levels low. I am also experiencing pain where my drains are. Hopefully these will be out tomorrow when Mr Chandra visits. The nurse did my obs at 8 ready for my blood transfusion but they couldn’t do as my blood pressure was low and my temperature was at 38.9. John and I started to worry so he was a darling and stayed with me until I was asleep. Mr Chandra called the hospital at 10pm and said I was to have the blood transfusion. So here I am at midnight….all hooked up. Think I’ll get the iPad out and watch Desperate Housewives….

First night tumour free…

Morning all,

Have to say that I have never felt pain so horrendous in my whole life.

I have a buzzer which will release morphine at my request. I ran out of this at 4am. Luckily the nurse was on hand to top me up.

The night staff are so lovely and friendly.

Today I will find out if I need a blood transfusion as I am losing a lot. 

I have also been told I will need to wear a leg brace to straighten my leg.

I know its hell at the moment but surely it will be worth it in the end…..

Surgery day…

Well, today had been the worst day of my life but got through it with the amazing family and  friends of mine.

Firstly, massive thank you to John and Mum for being here all day with me.

Also big thank you to dad for staying at  ours this pm waiting for deliveries and workmen.

Thanks to or Sue and Dad for coming keeping me company tonight when John and Mum were driving me nuts 😉

Love you all loads.


Well, my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I have to be at Broadgreen hospital for 7.30am and should be going down at 9am.

John will keep people updated via this blog so please subscribe to ensure you get e-mail notifications.

Hopefully this tumour will me out of me the next time you hear from me!

See you all soon