Oh what a night #clatterbridge #cancer

Last week we held an evening of entertainment to raise money for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and what a night it was. My uncle Kev came up with the idea of the night and arranged the venue and entertainment. After weeks of working with lots of local businesses we secured lots of prizes for the evening. Kev wanted to raise £1000 but we surpassed that with the final figure being £3250.

I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the night a success, from volunteers to the entertainers and donors. Also a big shout out to everyone who donated by either attending the evening or sending a donation. The biggest thanks has to go to Kev as without him, this wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t be donating this amazing amount to such a worthwhile cause.

You are all wonderful.

What a year…and it’s only February! #sarcoma #cancer

I haven’t posted for a few weeks as I’ve been a busy bee!

Firstly, I changed jobs at work, and had a manic one week in before jetting off on holiday.

Secondly, whilst on holiday, John and I got married. We eloped to paradise! We wanted our wedding day to be just about us two and it certainly was that. We booked it in October so God knows how we kept it a secret for 12 weeks! Luckily our family and friends weren’t offended that we didn’t tell them or invite them!

Here’s our breakfast on the following morning in our private garden. Bliss


Thirdly, I had my scans…

Scan disaster
We landed back in the UK on 23rd January and on 30th I had an MRI and CT scan.
I have MRI scans on my leg and so that the doctors can look at the origin of the tumour. The CT scan looks at my lungs.

So on scan day, I had a CT immediately before the MRI scan which turned out to be a problem…..Problem I hear you ask? Well for the CT scan I need to drink a litre of fluid…this combined with my weak bladder is a recipe for disaster! MRI scans are lengthy and can take up to 90 minutes. 90 minutes of telling myself I do not need a wee…. The lady doing the scan wasn’t sympathetic to my situation and really upset me. I seriously wonder how some people get to be employed in the nursing/medical profession – I’m sure some people think we go for scans for the fun of it. Luckily my lovely CNS Sarah was waiting outside for me. I’d also like to give huge thanks to Claire for taking the time out to come with me. It was so nice to have company whilst waiting around

Moving on…the results were clear! A year since I finished chemo. This is great news and I’m so happy.

Spare a thought
I would like to give a “shout out” to people who are going through or just about to start treatment. Keep going and don’t give up. When you feel like things are going wrong, please spare a thought for this facing gruelling treatment and put things into perspective.


It’s been so long! #Sarcoma

Wow, I’ve not posted for almost two weeks, but I have been so busy (crap excuse!!!) so here’s what I’ve been up to….

Birthday and Rugby fun
We were at my sister Laura’s for Hot Pot and cake for her birthday-she even made a delicious Hot Pot. (We didn’t even think she could cook!!) While there, the lovely Jo Donkin text and asked if we wanted to join her and her mum, Veronica, in the hospitality suite at Wigan to watch the Rugby League World Cup quarter final England V France. Of course we said yes! and what a fantastic night we had. Wonderful food, great company and England won. Jo-thanks for inviting us, it was a great night, that was until John frogmarched us around the whole ground….to the wrong car park!!! Badbooks.com
p.s on the table behind is Stefan Ratchford, Richie Myler and Micky Higham

New Friends
I am part of a sarcoma support group on Google Group Spaces. Through this site I have been in contact with people via email but last week I met one of the other members, Louise. We met for a coffee….and was still there three hours later….! It’s so nice to meet people who understand exactly what you are going through 🙂

Old Friends
We have not neglected old friends and had a fab night with Bev and John on Saturday (too much drink-but very needed!!!)

McTickle Time
I’m sure you can appreciate that cancer is one pain in the arse and can put extra stress on a relationship, especially as John is doing everything, caring for me, housework, running me to appointments etc. So John and I have made time for each other and started to enjoy ourselves….by Christmas shopping!! I’m sure he won’t agree though! I wanted to get as much of it sorted before these next two cycles as I may be too ill. We have also had a date night or two 😉

Random Side Effects
Randomly, the main side effect I have had after this cycle is…..MEMORY LOSS. I can walk into Tesco and not have a clue why, I will stop mid conversation struggling to remember what I was on about….would you believe this is “chemo brain” and is not uncommon. I’ll just have to start writing things down

Some Good News
Dr Ali came to see me this evening to say that he reviewed there X-ray that I had this morning. He said that the lung mets appear to be shrinking! He wants to wait for the CT scan next week to be sure but they are not growing. 🙂

I do have more to tell but will share who I have further updates as this could go on forever.

Night xxx

Shout out….little girl Blackpool

During my post last night ranting about the ignorant people in the world, I forgot to mention about the kindness of a young girl.

Whilst trawling through the lights John decided he needed a ‘wee break’ so we pulled into a sea front hotel. I decided to go as well and we trotted through to the toilets. As I walked out of the cubicle a young girl, aged about 12, held the exit door open for me. I told her I needed to wash my hands first but thanked her anyway. I washed my hands and turned to leave and noticed that the girl was still stood there. She had waited to hold the door open for me.

This girl was so thoughtful and helpful and I was extremely grateful to her.

Wanted to give her a mention 🙂

Surgery day…

Well, today had been the worst day of my life but got through it with the amazing family and  friends of mine.

Firstly, massive thank you to John and Mum for being here all day with me.

Also big thank you to dad for staying at  ours this pm waiting for deliveries and workmen.

Thanks to or Sue and Dad for coming keeping me company tonight when John and Mum were driving me nuts 😉

Love you all loads.

Shout out …John

Big shout out to my gorgeous man. This last four weeks has been so tough and he has been amazing.
I had lots of doctor and specialist appointments and as a result of this cancer, we had to cancel our amazing trip of a lifetime to the beautiful Thailand.

Whilst having all these tests etc, my lovely gorgeous nan sadly passed away


John was taking me to hospitals for my appointments, taking me to visit nan and staying with me throughout all this.

He also carried my nans coffin at her funeral, for which I will be eternally grateful.

Throughout all this he has been strong, positive and has never once moaned, not even when we cancelled the holiday, not even when he has to drive everywhere, not even when we have to walk extra slow, not at anything!

Love him lots and he deserves a big SHOUT OUT!