Post op histology #sarcoma

well hello everyone,

I’ve had a busy week with appointments at Liverpool. Firstly, seeing Dr Chandrasekhar who was happy with my progress and my leg.  No one else in the world can even look at my leg yet Dr Chandra gives it a good going over! *Ouch*

The next day I nipped to Broadgreen to see my thoracic surgeon.  Mr Shackcloth had received the histology results on the tumour that he’d removed – it was a damn sarcoma metastasis but the good news is that it was completely removed.

Cancer free again!

Oh and I was given the OK to drive again….what a great day!

Enjoy your weekend 


What a day

Had an emotional day. The nurse gave me some Macmillan information leaflets and I read that my emotions will be all over the place. When I go back I think I will pay the Macmillan centre, at the hospital, a visit.

My new iMac has cheered me up a little bit – that’s when I can get John off it!

We are now chilling and watching Big Bang which is cheering me up no end 🙂

Speak soon peeps xx

CT Scan

Had CT scan today. Hopefully get the results early next week.

For those of you who have never had a CT scan here’s a bit of a heads up.

Usually you get a packet mix that you need to drink two hours before your scan. As my appointment was made yesterday they didn’t have time to send it out to me, so they made me the drink which would take 45 minutes to “get into my system”.

When i went in for the scan it took about 7 minutes. A dye was injected and i had to go through the machine which took about a minute!

Back home now so relaxing 🙂

here’s me “enjoying” my drink