Volunteers are amazing #cancer 

Tonight I was invited to a Thank You evening at the Clatterbridge Cancer Hospital. We were treated to a lovely buffet and had fun mingling and doing a quiz. There were volunteers from who helped our in the hospital cafes, volunteer ambulance drivers, fundraisers and even volunteers from the Isle of Man who also do work for this great hospital.

To see so many wonderful people who make up some of the many components of the hospital and charity was really special.  People donate their time which helps patients and their families and I’m grateful to each and every person. So from one volunteer to another THANK YOU.

I also met Lauren and Wendy tonight. Lauren has been treated at Clatterbridge and is also heavily involved in volunteering. We won the quiz and didn’t even use mobile phones! It’s harder than you think! So I rocked up at home to find two excited nieces to wish me a happy birthday. As soon as they saw my quiz winnings, they soon ignored me and chopped their way through my chocolates!

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