Normal service will resume #sarcoma #cancer

Scanxiety. The anxiety and stress surrounding regular scans to detect cancer. 

This is one hell of a mental challenge. You go and have a scan and have to wait days or weeks to find out if there’s anything lurking in your body, ready to attack, plan your demise or just generally cause problems.

I had a scan three weeks ago and had my results this Friday. I didn’t have any mental breakdown. I was extremely productive at work – more meetings/output in that last week than the whole of my career…..I also didn’t sleep for six days. But no one would have known. 

I can not explain the relief I felt after learning my scans were clear. No stress, no worry, no scanxiety. I’ve partied, celebrated and chilled all in one weekend. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my hangovers.

Normal service has resumed!

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