Pulling a sickie #sarcoma #cancer

Now then, we’ve all had days where we’ve been under the weather, a tad hungover or just downright tired and we’ve ‘pulled a sickie’. I get it. 

But then there’s those who take this one, or a thousand, steps further than acceptable. I read stories of people who fake cancer diagnoses for financial gain. Yep, people really do this. And they knock me sick – taking money from kind and generous people, upsetting relatives etc.

Then there are those who feign a cancer diagnosis for sympathy. I’m saddened to say that one of my relatives fall into the latter category. He even went as far as asking me about chemotherapy and the side effects. 

How can anyone sink so low to think it’s acceptable? Cancer is not a joke. Cancer is not something to be mocked. It’s serious and it’s a killer.

I’d rather pull a sickie for a ‘cold’ and have a duvet day….

On a positive note, here’s some pics of our sarcoma support group Christmas meal. Thanks to Rob for organising 🙂

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