Six monthly scans

Well today was the results of my first ever six monthly scan. 

What a wait

It was sheer hell sat in the waiting room at The Linda McCartney Centre. It was heaving, standing room only. I arrived early as usual but had an hours wait from my actual appointment time – as I’ve said before this us fine as it means a patient needs Dr Ali’s support like I’ve needed it in the past. After the agonising wait, with me thinking the worst, I heard the wonderful words out of Dr Ali’s mouth “it’s good”

My scan was clear. Free of the sarcoma which has desperately tried to cling to me for almost four years. I was relieved but exhausted-it certainly takes it’s toll on you being worried! I’ll certainly be celebrating at Vicky & Mikes wedding tomorrow.

F*ck you cancer

This week was sad as we said goodbye to Paul O’Neill after living with leukaemia for the last 11 months. Here I am releasing a message tied to a balloon and yep, it’s in the colours of Saints and it was worth holding the red ballon for you. Good night God bless Paul X

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