#sarcomaaware from the Liverpool support group 

It’s day #2 of Sarcoma Awareness Week here in the UK and today was all about raising awareness of this rare cancer.  We camped out in the foyer of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital all bursting to share information and stories. 

During the day,  one of our patients brought 200 fuscia plants to sell and we raised over £250 for charity. 

The old and the new 

We some to lots of people today so with different stories. I had a lady approach me to say that she had an osteosarcoma in 1997 when she was 27. 19 years a survivor-WOW! I love positive stories and this one gave me a boost. 

We also had a lady who wanted information as her father in law was diagnosed yesterday. He’s at the very start of his journey and we wish him luck for the coming months. 

It’s always great to meet the group. And we’ve had a lovely day.  Thanks to everyone for supporting us this week. 

2 thoughts on “#sarcomaaware from the Liverpool support group 

  1. Pat Whinnett says:

    Hi Emma
    Lovely meeting you at the support group yesterday, it was my first visit. I went on the site for holiday insurance and it came up £97 which is brilliant. Looking forward to my next support group meeting.
    Take care,


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