Almost four years….

Hey there folks. 

Went out for a birthday meal with my crazy family today. I got home and in the interest of comfort, I decided to put some old shorts on. Said shorts just happened to be the ones which wouldn’t fit me (just the right leg) which made me head to the GP and began the start of this journey with sarcoma…. 

These shorts didn’t fit my right leg at all in September 2012. Here’s how they fit now. P.s pardon the rubbish photography.  Blame mother!!!

One thought on “Almost four years….

  1. Michael McKay says:

    We have followed your journey on Facebook and you remain an inspiration to many others, who may have to make this quest during their life ! People including myself, cannot ever begin to imagine, what travelling this long road encompasses.Throughout and to your great credit, you have shown only a defiance, never to succumb and smile to welcome each morning, as it dawns, these are the things that have brought you through ! You are in our prayer’s each evening and will remain evermore ! God Bless you, John and your family Michael & Audrey McKay


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