World cancer day @piersmorgan #sarcoma

Well it’s world cancer day and everyone is talking about it.

Cancer is not an just illness, it’s a journey, something that stays with you for the rest of your life. Cancer touches everyone when someone is diagnosed, and there are many organisations and charities that are designed to help people affected during many different times during their cancer journey. Obviously, these charities rely on the generosity of people and today, Piers Morgan has been extremely generous! He tweeted to say that he will donate to cancer charities and asked people to nominate.

I tweeted him and he’s very kindly donated £1000 to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Wow! Thank you so much.
Please think about….

This is great news for a sad day. My wonderful dad is sadly in intensive care in Warrington Hospital. We are praying that he recovers from the life threatening infection he has got so please keep him in your thoughts as we are going through the worst time of our lives. It’s not only cancer that destroys lives…

Thanks all xx

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