Back to reality #sarcoma #cancer

Morning Folks…

Well, it is morning as I’m writing this from California and I’m 8 hours behind you all at home.l

We’ve spent the last ten days travelling around this wonderful state and done things that some people can only dream of: 

  • We flew first class all the way from London to San Francisco (I actually slept on a plane for the first time ever) 
  • We visited amazing sights – Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fishermans Wharf, the Hollywood sign – all WOW
  • We spent New Year in Las Vegas. I’m ace at gambling – john not so much
  • We drove from Vegas to Palm Springs (through the Mojave Desert at night-scary!) to stay in Hotel California (I know you’re singing the song now….) 
  • We’ve experienced the storms from El Niño
  • We’ve partied until our bodies have broken
  • and we’ve argued so much about John’s driving….!   

 I’m so happy after winning $100 with my last $5 chip

We’ve had an amazing time – the holiday of a lifetime. Now it’s our last day and we must pack up to come home. Back to work, back to appointments, back to scans, back to reality. 

My scans are in the next few weeks – here’s hoping to clear ones as were already planning our March holiday! Don’t know how any holiday could top this one though.

Remember – you only live once.

See you when we are back in the freezing cold town of Warrington and I’m moaning about jetlag, and the weather….

Bye for now

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