Almost a lifetime. #sarcoma

  Three years ago today I was sat nursing the tea and toast that the nurses had made for me after my surgery. Yes, it’s been three years since that bad boy was removed from my thigh. And I’m telling you, that tea and toast was the best meal I’ve ever had….!

So what happens in three years? I’ve never sat there and said “hey what a great three years” or “hey, what have you done in the last three years?” Have you ever thought that? So back to my original question, what happens in three years? Well, there’s too much to mention but here’s a snippet of my wonderful life since 15th October 2012.

  • I’ve had more hospital visits that I ever imagined
  • I’ve been sliced open more than I wanted
  • I was bald! (Not even an eyelash or an eyebrow

Blah blah blah – enough of the bad stuff….what was good?

  • I’ve been on countless holidays to amazing places such as Antigua, New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Munich. (I could go on all day) and I’ve done it in style, I’ve flew upper class and I’ve stayed in the most luxurious hotels
  • We got engaged in New York
  • We eloped to Antigua
  • I got new nieces and a nephew
  • I moved house
  • I’ve done loads of charity work for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and Sarcoma UK. 

But best of all: 

I beat cancer THREE times.

Take the time to reflect and appreciate how lucky you are. Reading this, would you believe I’ve been living with cancer?


6 thoughts on “Almost a lifetime. #sarcoma

  1. katie says:

    Emma – you don’t know me. But I have followed your journey after having a STS scare the end of last year. I had a number of hospital appointments, scans and biopsy’s but thankfully it all turned out ok. You really are an inspiration. Please do keep up the blog – it really helped me when I had my scare. This cancer is so rare there aren’t many people out there telling there story.


  2. Wynn Carter says:

    What a journey you’ve been on these last three years! Lots of ups and downs that’s for sure. As you say Emma, you’ve beaten cancer three times….well done you! You’re an amazing lady, kind, happy, caring and brave! Your positive attitude will always get you through! You have an amazing supportive family and caring friends to rally round whenever you need it! Cheers to them! Continue to enjoy every moment, love and laughter is the best medicine….Oh, and don’t forget to add plenty of Champagne! Big hugs xx


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