Put yourself in their shoes

There are tons of articles, blog pieces, stories etc that focus on what to say or what not to say to someone who has cancer. But what about what to say or not to say to those who go through it to. The carers. The relatives. The husbands. The children.

Being the person who has cancer, I naturally think it should all be about me.  Obviously! I think a lot of people with a serious illness can fall into this mindset and I’m lucky I’ve never had to experience it. But, I can’t ignore the turmoil that my family go through after each scan, treatment or surgery.

I do sometimes try to imagine what they are going through. But it’s too hard to imagine.

Until today. 

How it feels to be on the outside

Helpless, exhausted, scared, sick, worried, useless, tired, emotionally drained, petrified, teary, outsider.

Basically, like hell

I think I’ve summed it up but please feel free to contribute and words / emotions that I’ve missed. 

It’s not all about me. It’s all about us.



8 thoughts on “Put yourself in their shoes

  1. Ann Stokes says:

    It feels like if I could take their place I would, I’ve had a life and would gladly give that person the one gift I have left my health. My friend would say why would you feel like that how could anyone want to take on this terrible disease the simple answer is LOVE.


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