A holiday to the top of Snowdon? #Sarcoma

  Yes, you read right. A holiday to Snowdon? Let me explain!

My sister, Sue, decided to climb Snowdon to raise funds for Sarcoma UK – her target was £150. Before we knew it, most of the Tickle clan had decided to join her. The team consisted of Daddy Tickle, Eldest Tickle (Sue), Naughty Tickle (Mike), Baby Tickle (Laura), My nephew Danny (the youngest of the team) and my cousin Karen.  Karen is actually on holiday in the UK, from Australia, and somehow, our Sue managed to get her to do the climb! The day was horrendous, with downpours and bad winds, but the team managed to reach the summit. Daddy Tickle (who is 60 by the way) arrived 30 minutes before the rest. 

Every day we are asked for donations from people doing different tasks which are a challenge – they are not easy as some people may perceive them to be. The team returned wet, sore, emotional and shattered. Tears were shed, laughs were had and money was raised. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t a walk in the park and they deserve every penny donated to them. So, how did they do?

10 times the target

The team raised more than the targeted £150. In fact, they raised over ten times that, with the total standing at £1200 as of today. Donations even came from Karen’s friends in Oz.

I am so grateful that the team raised so much money for such a worthy cause. The money raised will go into research which is the key to finding a cure.

Thanks so much to all who donated.


2 thoughts on “A holiday to the top of Snowdon? #Sarcoma

  1. Ann Stokes says:

    They could all have come and visited me Emma it’s only about 20 miles from where I live and if I walk to the bottom of the road I can see the whole snowdonia range. Hope you are getting lots better love Ann xx


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