Speedy Mcspeedyson #sarcoma

well hello there.

I’m writing this blog post from the comfort of my own home. Yep, that’s right, I came home yesterday, a measly 22 hours after having a lung wedge resection. Wow.  To be honest I would have been home sooner but we all know what it’s like waiting for medication at discharge….

Anyway, after my surgery Mr Shackcloth confirmed that the surgery had been a success and that I wouldn’t need to spend the night in the high dependency unit.  I returned straight to my private room –  Woo hoo.  That first night I experienced horrendous pain and sickness but got through it thanks to the fantastic nurses who were looking after me.

Mr Shackcloth came to see me the following day to confirm my discharge and I was happy but shocked, although I did feel ok.

So I was home by 4pm yesterday. Home to my own bed, my own settee, my own TV and to my lovely husband who has the pleasure of looking after me!

Id like to say a big thanks for all of your messages and well wishes. Although, don’t expect a reply that makes sense as my brain is frazzled with all this medication.

Good night xx

4 thoughts on “Speedy Mcspeedyson #sarcoma

  1. Chris Eaton says:

    Emma, I admire your courage through all the horrendous treatment you have endured! God speed you to a full recovery and live a long and happy life free of cancer forever! Xxxxx πŸ˜€

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