headless chicken #sarcoma

Since Dr Ali shared the news that the tiny tumour was now large enough to operate, I’ve had the busiest two weeks of my life.

Firstly, I’ve had an amazing week in beautiful Scotland celebrating my brothers wedding.  A four and a half hour drive, lots of laughs, a spectacular wedding and tons of alcohol later, it was time to make the trek home (which happened to be extended to a six hour drive thanks to T In The Park booking the same weekend as the wedding…!)  
We finally got home on Monday.  Home after an amazing week, home after the longest drive, home to reality, home to cancer.

After what seemed like an eternity, I met my surgeon on Thursday.  I almost fell off my chair when he said he could operate on me on Monday. Yep Monday. That’s tomorrow.

Que Emma running around like a headless chicken rearranging things at work and at home.  Meetings, furniture, people, new slippers aaaargh a million and one things to do/buy/borrow!

It’s now Sunday and I’ve finally sat down to a lovely meal cooked by my gorgeous husband. I’m usually the cook in our house but I need to get used to him waiting on me hand and foot for a while. Eeek
Finally, just want to say GOOD LUCK to my surgeon. I’m counting on you!

Anyway, need to get off here and pack my hospital bag. I’m sure there will be plenty of hospital selfies to keep you updated.

See you all soon

Love x 


12 thoughts on “headless chicken #sarcoma

  1. Adelaide Dolman says:

    Good luck Emma, I know how hard these ops are from our bens countless surgeries for his cancer and subsequent transplants. But doctors are miracle workers and I am sure it will be a success. Xx


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