@sarcoma_uk #TalkingResearch part II

As you are aware, I was at the Sarcoma UK Talking Research event at the weekend.

Special Guest

The special guest of the day was the lovely Richard Whitehead – Paralympic gold medalist and patron of Sarcoma UK.

I met Richard last year at another Sarcoma UK event but didn’t get to hear his story at the time. On Saturday he gave a speech to us all and it was so inspirational.  He was born without any legs and has faced many challenges through his life. Overcoming these challenges, Richard became a marathon runner and for the 2012 Olympics he took part in the 200m – his first time as a sprinter…. And he won! Watch this amazing win here

Wow! I’m sure you’ll agree that win was sensational!

Patron of Sarcoma UK

Richard’s friend lost his life after a journey with sarcoma and that’s how his involvement started. To have such a wonderful person support the charity is just so lovely. He understands what we are going through and has nothing but words of encouragement and support.

Thank you 

A motivating and fantastic end to a fantastic day, so a huge Thank You to both Sarcoma UK and Richard for putting the day together. 

I would also like to thank all supporters of Sarcoma UK and I can personally vouch that it’s a worthy cause.


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