The world keeps turning #sarcoma

I thought I’d pop along and give an update on my life with sarcoma. So I had my scan results and it shows an ‘area of concern’ on my right lung.

This nusiance is 3.98mm so it’s a teeny tiny pain in the bum (well lung)

After getting over the shock I discussed options at this stage

  1. Surgery My oncologist had already discussed my situation with the amazing thoracic surgeon, Mr Shackloth. Basically the little bugger is too damn small for surgery. Apparently your lungs and mahoosive and this ‘dot’ would be impossible to extract. Great. 
  2. Chemo start cheap immediately. My initial reaction was for the lovely thick head of hair I have. Dr Ali reassured me that hair loss is not a side effect of the proposed chemo….phew
  3. Do NOTHING my heart dropped at this. Basically I would wait until the next scan to decide on the best treatment.  If the tumour grows and is isolated I can then have surgery. If more grow then I’d start chemo at that stage. I FELT LIKE I WAS BEING ASKED TO GAMBLE WITH MY LIFE!

Dr Ali was positive and I left armed with information so I could decide on what to do. 

I had the pleasure of calling my lovely husband to share the news – he was steaming drunk in Kraków….

Decision time 

I’ve opted for the third choice.  It was a difficult choice to make but believe it’s the best for now.

I did see the scan and still can’t believe how small the tumour is and how big your lungs are. Radiologists are downright amazing.

The Biggest thing I’ve learned this week…. Life. Goes. On. 

I walked out of the Linda McCartneyCentre  and looked around. I really looked. I saw people walking, talking, laughing, crying, shopping, driving and well, just basically living. You can be given life changing news but the world doesn’t stop turning. 

A piece of advice from me. Live your life. Live for today. Enjoy it. Put things into perspective and no matter how bad things appear, just remember….life goes on 


19 thoughts on “The world keeps turning #sarcoma

  1. bearleabatty says:

    You make a difference in my life. Thanks Emma xxxx I wish I could sit with you for an afternoon and see your beautiful smile in person, tell you a stupid joke and hear what I can imagine would be a great and contagious laugh. Consider yourself loved and hugged from across many many miles xxx Never give up xxx


  2. David Morrison says:

    Find it hard to take in. I know that you will fight to beat this and look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. Love David


  3. Anne Lewis says:

    I am following a few blogs because someone close to me is struggling with the same thing. But what made you special was a picture of you when you were in the middle of this rough road with a big smile and fancy slippers with pink puffs on top. I thought this gal knows how to live!


  4. Anne Lewis says:

    I was gobsmacked as they say in your country to read your blog. I have been following your positive news and was so happy for you. You are so positive and are helping so many people. Confront this little dot head on with your usual flair and courage. You are bigger than it is!


  5. Resa says:

    Really sorry to hear this news , I completely get why you have made this decision , the initial reaction get rid of it . Hope you are ok , I know that’s a silly thing so say but I really mean it xx


  6. Andrea Morley says:

    Omg, so sorry to hear this Emma! You are one of the strongest people I know and that is what will get you through this again. You are truly inspirational xxx


  7. sally says:

    Oh Emma what an arsehole wanker this desease is. I hope its ready for you to fight again.
    (Apologies for my language)
    It certainly does feel like the world keeps going and you’re stuck in a hamster ball trying to join it… lots of love to you and your family. You’ve helped me with your strength and determination. Go sock it again. Xxx


  8. Wynn says:

    That’s my girl! Life does go on and you Emma are going to go on and on and on!!!! I think you’ve made the right decision at this stage….well done! Keep that positive attitude going… are an inspiration. xx


  9. Michael McKay says:

    I always thought I was a very strong person and I suppose I am in certain ways, but when I see how strong you are as a person, having followed your blog, I have to take my hat off to you ! You are a winner because you have the mentality and spirit to win ! You love and embrace life but above you live life ! You will remain in our thought’s and prayer’s because you are everything life should be an Inspiration to ALL !


  10. Bev Hope says:

    Always an inspiration! Your message knocked me for six last week, as it did your family and close friends, but as we all sat together last Friday you could feel the love and strength in the room. If this should be another fight, you have us all at your side again, ready to kick ass!! Love ya xx

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