How long would you wait….

I’m writing this post from the Linda McCartney centre waiting room at the Liverpool Royal University Hospital. My appointment was over 40 minutes ago yet I’m still sat waiting….

Am I bothered? In a word – NO

Back in time 

I went to my GP 18 months ago as I was having chest pains. During that appointment I was on a time limit. The Dr was rushing and made me feel like I was intruding on his personal time. In the end I left extremely upset and still no clearer on my position. Six weeks later sarcoma was discovered on my lungs.  Ever since tht appointment I’ve point blank refused to see the GP in question.

I have never been rushed in any appointment that I have had with anyone treating me for sarcoma. I have always been allowed sufficient time to process information, ask question, moan or just cry.  

Back to today

A nurse has just been out to say one clinic is runnin a hour late and the groans that followed rivaled the noise of Warrington Rugby fans at Magic Weekend.

The Oncologists are not sat eating cake and playing Candy Crush, they are either trying to save lives or are telling someone that there is no further treatment.

The waiting room is full of a variety of patient stories and I’m proud to say that there was no groan from me…. 

I would wait patiently for my time with the heroes that saved my life. So, how long would you wait?

4 thoughts on “How long would you wait….

  1. David Morrison says:

    Well said Emma. Just to add to that, in the early days of my treatment I was delayed by a motorway accident and worried that I might miss my appointment at The Royal. When I eventually arrived our nurse specialist told me not to worry as”whatever time you arrive you will always be seen at this clinic”. ….very reassuring.
    Best Wishes


  2. David says:

    Well said Emma. Just to add to that, early on in my treatment I was delayed by a motorway accident. When I eventually arrived at The Royal, our nurse specialist told me not to worry as”you will be seen in this clinic no matter what time you arrive” …….dedication. Best Wishes David 😊


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