352 days… #cancer

361 days ago I was in Clatterbridge having my penultimate chemo for Sarcoma. The night before I’d had a ‘chemo’ disaster where one of the drugs had leaked into my arm and it was chaos trying to fix it – so after practically zero sleep, it was safe to say I was exhausted.

I woke up to a message from my lovely friend Marie, telling me she’d been diagnosed with oesophagus Cancer three days before.

Marie had a terrible time since being diagnosed. Extensive chemo and surgeries didn’t work and it was just heartbreaking to see someone suffer so much. Especially when she had been so supportive during my journey.

Marie fell asleep on 27th December 2014 – forever. 352 days after being told the devastating news that she had cancer.

30,412,800 seconds
506,880 minutes
8448 hours
50 weeks and 2 days
352 days….

Time is previous so do not waste a second.

Goodnight God bless


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