Treatment free Christmas

So it’s been THAT time. Scan time.  My three monthly check up.

Now let me begin by telling you that this had been the most stressful week of my life.  I’ve cried at every given opportunityand drove those closest to me mad.

Big thanks to John for putting up with me.  To Claire for taking me for lunch and not being embarrassed when I cried (I’m sure the people of Birchwood have seen worse! ) and thanks to mum for coming for my scan and results with me.

All the crying and breakdowns were worth it as my scans were clear.  NO cancer!  This is the first Christmas in three years where I won’t be ill and having treatment!
I’m off for a celebratory meal with my gorgeous man and mum & dad.

I would just like to let those who are facing a tougher journey than me that I’m thinking of you. Stay strong

11 thoughts on “Treatment free Christmas

  1. Danielle says:

    Ahh Hun this is fabulous news! What an amazing Christmas u will have!
    Can I just say I’ve been diagnosed with rhabdosarcoma this week and reading ur blog is truly inspiring and just what I needed right now. I was under the royal for a short period of time and u mentioning all these people like Mr Yin and Sarah just makes me realise I’m not going thru this horrible thing alone and that there are others who are living this as well and doing fantastic things by the sounds of it!
    Thank u so much for sharing! U are an inspiration! x x X x x


  2. Mary Astbury says:

    So very happy for you Emma, what a great early Christmas present. Keep smiling your wonderful smile and remember tears make your eyes sparkle.
    Lots of love


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