Never give up #Sarcoma

It’s been almost two years since my relationship with Sarcoma began. I hear of people being diagnosed with cancer and my heart skips a beat as I wonder how they are coping with the news. Now this is really hard to explain so please bear with me….. You think you would never be able to cope with hearing such life shattering news like “You have cancer” – but, actually, once you have processed the information, you carry on. I don’t know how or why, but you do. I’ve been told I have cancer, not once, but twice. Yes, TWICE! It’s upsetting (You can trust me on that!)….but you then commence on another journey – the fight for your life. It’s so hard to explain how, but you just get on with it. People say I’m brave, but I don’t feel brave – I am doing what most people would do.

Enough of the bad….
I’ve recently learned of a fellow patient who passed away from this disease. She was diagnosed in July 2013…. Whilst this is upsetting and terrifying, I try not to dwell on the devastating news and I try to focus on the positives. Six months ago, I heard from another patient who has a rare form of sarcoma. He was told that it was too advanced for any ‘normal’ treatment. Now it seems that he has a consultant as wonderful as my Mr Chandrasekar, who discovered a different chemotherapy treatment and offered it to him. He accepted and has been undergoing treatment. This morning he confirmed that the treatment is working. This is just amazing news and confirms that you should never give up….

Goodnight xx

4 thoughts on “Never give up #Sarcoma

  1. Sue Sweet says:

    Well said. My best friend starts chemo tomorrow for breast cancer and I am going to be her back up through this. I have learned a lot from you and I thank you for that. This last few weeks has been an eye opener for me but I will be there to fight the good fight with her. Wish us luck for tomorrow and thanks again for your wonderful blog xxxx


  2. Anne Lewis says:

    What wise words to remember. Getting a degree from the cancer college provides lessons hard won. Thank you for caring to share.


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