Question time….. #Sarcoma_uk @Macmillancancer

Good evening all,
I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

So, I’m still recovering from my operations. It’s been more painful than I expected but then that’s probably down to the fact that I had two procedures so close together. I’ve had all stitches removed, removed all dressings and my scars are healing nicely. I am back to see my surgeon tomorrow for a check up so fingers crossed the were positive results from the tumour removed in my last surgery.

Question Time
In two weeks I’m off to the House of Commons to participate in Macmillans Question Time event. Macmillan work with both the government and people affected by cancer to drive change. A huge success of theirs is gaining free prescriptions for cancer patients. This event is just one way to shape the future and gain insight to requirements and work with the government to deliver change.
Macmillans campaign priorities
Macmillan is working with parliamentarians and decision-makers to:

~ Provide support to cancer carers
~ Push for cancer patients to have access to free social care at the end of life
~ Deliver better cancer patient experience
~ Improve cancer survival rates and strengthen cancer networks in the new NHS
~ Improve access to cancer drugs for people with rarer cancers
~ Ensure that cancer patients receive the right financial support at the right time to cut the cost of cancer
~ Secure improvements to the welfare system for people with cancer who are unable to work because of their illness.

I am really pleased I’ve been accepted and think it’s going to be a great day.

From a doctors perspective
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an Oncologist? Well this wonderful man follows my blog and he also does his own. You never really think how Doctors and other Health Professionals feel when dealing with their patients, but this blog gives you an idea. It’s a wonderful read.

Thanks for reading peeps. Take care xx

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