Bupa bribes? No way hosay…. #Bupa #Sarcoma

I saw an article this week about BUPA and the cash benefit element of their private healthcare insurance. The article accuses BUPA of paying people to have their treatment on the NHS. article
Let me explain:

Cash Benefit
When I was diagnosed with cancer, I told my surgeon I had Bupa cover. He explained that as I was in the system I would have my treatment really quickly so there was no benefit to me utilising the insurance. I spoke to Bupa to explain this and they told me that they would provide me with a cash benefit of £100 per night spent in hospital. I asked why they would do this and they advised that as they weren’t required to pay for my surgery they would give a cash benefit to support me with any ongoing costs. Shortly after my surgery I had some radiotherapy and again, as this was done via the NHS, Bupa gave me £100 each day I had treatment.

When the lung metastatis was discovered, I immediately informed Bupa who were brilliant. They advised that they could arrange for me to have chemo at home and they would cover the costs of the medicines/nurses/equipment etc. I discussed this with my Oncologist who felt it would be better to have my treatment at Clatterbridge via the NHS as I would be required to stay in for three days at a time. After consideration I agreed with my Oncologist, therefore I took up Bupas offer of the cash benefit.

Lung surgery
As you are aware, I had a lung resection two weeks ago and I am having my second one today. Bupa have covered the cost of both procedures and consultations, everything from my Anaesthetist and Surgeon to the private room I have.
The reason I have used Bupa is the waiting list. I would have had to wait for the operations on the NHS, albeit only a week or two, but it didn’t want to wait.As I have chosen this option, I will not receive any cash benefit.

So what costs does the cash benefit help with?
Bupa just pay the money into your bank account so you don’t need to provide receipts or anything like that. Just to give you an idea what costs you incur when you are ill:

* car parking fees – jeepers these can add up. Not just for your appointments but for when your partner/spouse visits you in hospital
* fuel – often appointments are not local to you
* food/drinks – sometimes you can be out all day at hospital visits and you need refreshments
* supplies – magazines etc when you are in hospital
* transport – for people who may not drive
* prescriptions
* loss of earnings!
* wigs!
* doing something nice

Bupa Rule!
So in my personal opinion I think Bupa is fantastic. At no point have I ever felt bribed to have treatment on the NHS. The Bupa Oncology team have been wonderful.

Right, my op is in two hours so best stop messing about in here!

See you soon when I will be CANCER FREE

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