Groggy but awake #Sarcoma #Cancer

Morning world

In pleased to say that I’m awake after my surgery yesterday.  I’ve had a middle lobectomy on my right lung…. and yes it was done by keyhole surgery!

I was groggy and emotional post op. I am in pain today and have no voice which will definitely make some people happy….

My next surgery (on the left lung) is pencilled in for two weeks time.  Mr Shackcloth had said we can always push it back if I feel unwell. I’m very pleased about this as I didn’t want to wait six weeks-not than I’m impatient or anything…..

Thought I’d share a few pics of my time here.  Don’t look at the first one of you’re squeamish!
My holes and drain


This contraption on my legs keeps my circulation going.  It massages both legs and feels amazing.  I’m gutted it’s come off this morning! P.s note the surgical stockings and blue slippers – sexy!


Please meet Bertina and Berta. These are Berts twin sisters…..


Finally this is my sister who was so jealous of my sexy slippers she had to have a go.  No Sue-they don’t look better on you….


Thank you
Finally a big thanks to everyone who has messaged me.  Thanks to a Rob who shared encouraging words and insight into the op as he’s been through this. Thanks to Louise for my hospital survival kit.

A huge thank you to Mike,  Sue,  Mum & Dad for being here yesterday. Especially to mum for staying so late because I was being a baby.

The biggest thank you is to my lovely John.  John sadly lost his Dad yesterday but was still here to support me.  John seriously is my rock and he is amazing and I can never thank him enough.

Bye for now
I’m signing off now but will keep you updated.  One final picture which shows my donkey of a sister picking up the Uno cards she dropped all over the floor….. 😀


22 thoughts on “Groggy but awake #Sarcoma #Cancer

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  3. bev Johnson says:

    Emma I always read your Blog and just wanted to send my love for a speedy recovery. You are such a brave girl. Also big respect to all your family and close friends who are going through this with you. So sorry about John’s dad too. He sounds like an amazing bloke. Keep smiling tix and stay dizzy :)) xx love bev and Mia xx


  4. Pam Turner says:

    Emma you are always in my thoughts such a lovely girl that’s had such a wonderful affect on so many peoples lives. I have known your family now for such a long time I know I don’t see them that often but I do know that you support each other so much .It must be so comforting to have them all around you . Especailly that handsome John (lol) sorry emma but if id have been 25 years younger you wouldn’t have stood a chance !!!haha…Was so sorry to hear about his loss to .I know that you draw strength from one another the best medication you can ever have.I know its been a real hard couple of years for you all but you never stop smilling .Emma you will soon be back on your feet sending big hugs ❤


  5. Rob says:

    Hi Emma
    Great it all went well never doubted it
    I had those things on my legs too they were fantastic wanted to take them home
    They didn’t let me
    Your a star
    Rob x


  6. Sue Sweet says:

    Thank god for family right. Sounds like your is the best. So glad your on the better side of this now. Thinking about you, your Mums old friend Sue xxx


  7. Maureen Ludden says:

    Hi Emma. Keeping up with your treatments and full of admiration for your positive outlook. What a strong person you are – not that I didn’t know that anyway!!! You are still in my thoughts and prayers and if anyone deserves a good outcome from all of this you do. Love to Sue and your family – you are very special to them and to me. Keep me updated please. xx


  8. Sheila says:

    Hi Emma glad one op is over sorry to hear about Johns dad! Love the pics everyone will want the tights and socks now probably set a new trend watch out Topshop xx


  9. Juliet carroll says:

    On a serious note Emma you are a true inspiration to lots of people. You truly amaze me. I hear so many people moan about the smallest things. But you just keep that smile and positive attitude and get onwith it. Cancer has a major affect on families I know with what Billy and Meg are going through at the moment but on a positive her baby is due in 11 days and I believe Billy’s dad will see this baby. But again you took time to message him about his marathon and to sponser him. Thankyou again for that. I don’t know your john personally but am thinking of him aswell. He also sounds a super guy. Anyway keep that positive attitude and good luck and best wishes


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