Through the keyhole… #Sarcoma #Cancer

Hello everyone,

Today I met the man who will, in a short while, be saving my life – my wonderful surgeon. He’s explained that he will be doing two operations on me, the first being on my right lung. The tumour is close to my chest wall but as I have no pain at all he is confident that it’s a straightforward procedure which will see him remove the middle lobe of my lung. This will be achieved via keyhole surgery. In the unlikely event that he can’t do this he will slice me open good and proper, move my ribs (ouch!!) and get to the little bugger that way. He said that 1/20 surgeries like this can’t be achieved with keyhole. In the even unliklier event that the tumour is attached to the chest wall then he may remove a rib or two (bigger ouch) Either way I don’t care as long as it’s out of me.

The second surgery will be to remove the one met that remains in my left lung. Yes you did read that correctly. One has gone!!!!! He said that the one that’s left could be the dregs of one tumour or may even be scar tissue. I was so pleased with this as I thought I still had two there. The second surgery will be taken once I’ve recovered from the first one.

Private Healthcare
I am not having the surgery on the NHS as going private will get me an earlier date. Hopefully the surgeon will call me in the morning to confirm a date, apparently Theatre is quite quiet at the moment!

Thinking of Friends
On a final note, I’m genuinely shocked by the amount of friends/family that have been diagnosed with cancer recently. You are all in my thoughts and keep fighting


6 thoughts on “Through the keyhole… #Sarcoma #Cancer

  1. Candy says:

    Great news that surgery is possible – fingers crossed that keyhole will be possible on both sides. I had keyhole surgery x 2 for lung nets in 2011 and made speedy recovery after each op (in hospital for 2 nights after each op)
    Hope all goes well Emma x


  2. Judi says:

    wow..Emma, going to needs a bit of PMA now….good luck flower, sincerely hope all goes well. (If they do remove ribs, they grow back, Angie had 2 removed and they’ve grown back beautifully!!!
    Thinking of you xxxxxx


  3. Emma Whitfield says:

    That’s fab news Em that one has gone! If anyone can kick the “big C’s” arse then it’s definitely you!! Good Luck…I’ll be thinking of u xxx


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