7 thoughts on “And isn’t it ironic….. Don’t you think?

  1. David Morrison says:

    Hiya Emma,Bugs me too.I was at The Royal twice last week but I have to say that the number of smokers does seem to have fallen since the poster campaign.started.Best Wishes David


  2. Bev says:

    Em, when I came to Clatterbridge with you, we saw this all the time! The guy on the other end of the ward would take his chemo with him. 😦 xx


    • dizzytix says:

      Not outside the doors though. When I had radio people would be stood at the main entrance smoking. They’ve stopped that so we don’t have to walk through them x


  3. Lizzie says:

    Oh that made me laugh. It properly peeves me too. I’m not too subtle in holding my breath as I walk past, although with a bad chest for the past few months that’s easier said than done.


    • dizzytix says:

      Ha, Clatterbridge used to be terrible for it but when I went for chemo it seemed to be sorted. No doubt some smokers will not be happy with the post but go do it away from us who don’t want to breathe it in!


      • Lizzie says:

        When I was in for my surgery, some woman in the bed next to me asked to go for a walk, came back reeking of smoke so bad a cloud of smoke actually followed her back and I proceeded to have an asthma attack and have my third visit from the crash team. (keeping them on their toes)


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