Alone and lonely? #Macmillan #Sarcoma


So, on Thursday I got a letter saying I had an appointment with the lovely Dr Chandra…!! As you can imagine my heart missed a few beats at this but we realised it was just a check up on my leg. The clinic has now moved to the Linda McCartney Centre, which is great as the team now have a permanent home which is more private that the other two areas where the clinics were held. The sad thing is that the team also have patients who are not cancer patients and I’m sure it’s upsetting for them to be sat with so many ill people.

We arrived for our appointment ten minutes early. To our dismay, climic was running 50 minutes late and we had to endure Shania Twain on repeat in the waiting room. Aaaaargh!!!!

Alone. Are they lonely?
On a serious note though, there were so many people who arrived to see their oncologist on their own. Now, being in the waiting room alone can be emotional and that’s before the dreaded appointment, so believe me when I say it’s heartbreaking to see people dealing with this alone. I know I certainly couldn’t face these appointments, and this fight, on my own. Macmillan have a campaign going at the moment called “No one should face cancer alone”. I believe this to be true, but then I question – Do some people choose to take this journey on their own? Some people may do, but not many. So if you know someone who has cancer and they don’t have anyone, then please reach out. The offer of a supportive coffee, chat or even going along to an appointment will be greatly appreciated.

On a positive note, Dr Chandra is happy with my leg. I have a muscle who has now decided to function (how dare it) and it’s such a odd feeling. I had convinced myself that something was wrong so I was over the moon when Chandra explained what I was feeling was normal. He also told me that the tumours on my lungs had massively reduced. This is fantastic news so I am still meeting with Dr Ali next week to discuss the next steps for my treatment I.e surgery and/or RFA. Can’t wait to get this over with so I can move on with my life.

Get well soon…
We have had a spell of family and friends who have been hit with bad health recently. So here’s a get well soon message to Aunty Christine, John (Johns dad) and to Marie who has embarked on her own cancer journey a few weeks ago.

9 thoughts on “Alone and lonely? #Macmillan #Sarcoma

  1. Anne Lewis says:

    I have read your incredible blog with interest as I have a relative dealing with this illness. All the best wishes for you.
    Anne Lewis


  2. Debbie leck says:

    Hi Emma
    All sounds positive in your camp!
    I’m running the Wilmslow half marathon on 23 march in aid of Macmillan and to support my friend who’s dad is being treated for cancer at the moment.
    Mad and something I never thought I would do trust me! I was really struggling to feel upbeat about it following a few tough runs recently however, your words have given me the the boost I needed so thank you! Stay strong x


  3. Wynn Carter says:

    Wonderful news Emma, great to hear all is good with your leg and the tumours in your lung have massively reduced. Like you say, it will be good for you to get the next stage over and move on to happier times in your life. And believe me, you certainly will. On a personal note, I have a very supportive and loving family but I choose to go alone for my scans, my thirty radiotherapy treatments and all specialist appointments….the only way I can explain why, is I need to absorb the news myself first, get myself together and then tell my family and friends the news…good or bad! I suppose everyone deals with things differently…Even my friends and family can’t understand why I go alone. I suppose it’s just my way of dealing with it. I’m certainly not lonely and alone, I have a huge support network of family and friends, including the Sarcoma Group and lovely people like you….I couldn’t face this horrible cancer without all their support. So, some of the people you may see sat there alone may just choose to be! Love and Hug’s Wynn xx


  4. Lizzie says:

    Yay for muscle twitching! I’ve had feeling start to come back in my arm, I cried the first time.

    I’ve had to go for a couple of appointments alone, due to distance and my OH’s job makes it impossible sometimes, and I have to make the choice between having someone to drive me home from scans or be there at appointments, due to effects of contrast, that takes priority. the one where I was diagnosed but not, I just wandered round London in a daze for 3 hours trying to work out what I’d been told but not, if there was somene with me I would have known, but the worst had to be the one where they were really concerned it was back, I sobbed on the train home. How to make a packed commuter train feel really uncomfortable. (I do give lessons in getting a train seat though…)

    I can’t imagine going the whole road alone, it’s hard enough with support.

    Best of luck for the next appointment and I’ll keep my fingers crossed you can have RFA.



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