Almost done….

Well what a few weeks since my penultimate cycle!  I’m glad to say that my arm is better where the chemo leaked,  however there is still a mark there.  Not sure if it’s going to be a permanent feature on my arm.

This cycle has really took it out of me.  I’ve really felt sicky, tired and no appetite for most of the time since leaving hospital.  Luckily I’ve had my lovely man to look after me.

NHS focus group
I participated in a focus group about Clatterbridge last week.  An independent marketing company wanted feedback on the NHS friends and family test (NPS score) it was really interesting to take part in and I felt I contributed to shaping the future of feedback for the NHS. It was also great to see other cancer patients who were survivors.

A little treat
We went on John’s Christmas present this week…. 🙂 I paid for two nights on the Fab 4 Yellow Submarine Apartment in Liverpool.  We had a wonderful two nights away on Albert Dock.  We had a lie in on Wednesday morning.  Our bed was in the window of the room, we assumed it had a black out window,  we were jolted to reality when a group of canoeists waved at us…..


Well I’m back in this week for my last cycle. Wish me luck!!

11 thoughts on “Almost done….

  1. vicky says:

    Defo a celebration this Friday em if you are upto a visit. You have done so well and been so strong. Always thinking about you. Love vic. X


  2. Bev says:

    You continue to be an inspiration to many. So glad you have reached the last cycle and still have that big gorgeous smile. You prove over and over again what a strong, determined woman you are. You have a fab family and a great man by your side…and so many fantastic friends. Love you xx


  3. Wynn Carter says:

    Good luck Emma with your last chemo. You have been so brave throughout! Sending you lots of positive thoughts! Take care. Lots of hugs. Wynn xx


  4. Sue Tickle says:

    I cant believe people could see through your window!! ha ha 🙂 cant wait for all this to be over for you Emma, you are so close and have been a trooper throughout this, much stronger than anyone else I know! Well done for making a difference to the future of other cancer sufferers. Much love xx


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