Drama queen #Sarcoma #cancer

Greetings from Clatterbridge

Well, I’m here for my penultimate cycle and, knowing me, it’s not without it’s dramas. So I had my PICC line out because the dressings were too harsh for my skin, this means my treatment needs to be administered by a cannula. I’ve had to be re-cannulated each day!! Tonight’s drama started as soon as the Doxirubicin was pumping in. My skin burned and my arm swelled up so we had to stop, withdraw the chemo that had gone in, remove my cannula, wear an ice pack on affected area for 30 minutes, apply cream and the poor nurse had to fill in approx 29 forms….! So for the next 24 hours I need to be monitored and every two hours I need an ice pack for 30 minutes and cream applying…..so that’s no sleep for me and no discharge until 5pm tomorrow 😦


I’ve had a busy few days with visitors. Thanks to Vicky, Mindy, Leanne, Joe, Vicky, Paul & Helen & the mini macs. Not forgetting my lovely mum & dad, Mike & Beckii and the amazing John who have all been here daily. Was lovely to see you all….see you on my next cycle!!!

P.s thanks for my voddy Leanne!!!!

6 thoughts on “Drama queen #Sarcoma #cancer

  1. walkingjournalist says:

    You are strong and you have great courage. And all that is a wonderful thing. The way that we react to anything in life is either good or bad. You have a good attitude. And you are wonderful for sharing your experiences here.


  2. sandy gilbert says:

    God almighty, your a strong un doll to go through all that, tough times pass, tough people get stronger. God bless you sweetie thinking of you xx


  3. jantickle57 says:

    Bloody hell!
    Did all that happen after we left???
    Think I need that voddy Leanne!!!
    You never do things by half Emma!
    Sorry to hear you will be disturbed all night and get discharged later now!
    See you tomorrow, try be good until then!
    Lots of love mum xxx


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