People are so generous…. #Sarcoma

In addition to being scary, life threatening, hell, plus many other things, having cancer can also be quite costly. Costs can be incurred from being off sick, cost of fuel/parking for numerous appointments, being out all day and needing food/drinks, visiting, and other costs such as new clothes when you lose weight and wigs when you lose your hair. It all adds up in ways that you would never imagine.

During this bout of illness I have been taken aback by people’s generosity. From Bev taking time to take me to hospital, to the Scottish McTickles taking me for appointments when they are down and to people buying me tea and cake 🙂 Every little thing helps, even just popping round for a brew really means a lot to us.

But I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity of a colleague in our Crawley office. Tina, sadly, lost her father on New Years Eve 2012 to cancer, and the family had asked for donations for the funeral. Tina, her sister and her mother had not used this money yet and wanted to put the money to good use… they have offered some of this money to buy me a real hair wig. I was so surprised that people could be so generous and thoughtful that I cried when I heard the news. A real hair wig is expensive and is not a luxury I could afford at the moment. I am so grateful and would sincerely like to thank Tina and her family for such a wonderful and caring gift.


6 thoughts on “People are so generous…. #Sarcoma

  1. Janine Edwards says:

    Emma your truly are an inspiration and I find reading your blog so emotional.
    It is lovely that people are so generous.
    And you truly are rocking that long wig! You look lovely!
    Your positivity and smile are a total inspiration.
    Keep fighting, smiling, and blogging.
    I wish you all the luck, strength, love and support in the world.


  2. Bev hope says:

    Well, you know I cried! This really was a special thing for Tina, her mum and sisters to do. Just makes you realise to care, love and respect those around you xxxx


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