I’ll be there for you…. #sarcoma #chemo

I’ve had a busy two weeks, lost my hair, picc line insertion and generally being a social butterfly… 🙂

So, I had a PICC line inserted into my chest (not for the squeamish!!) This administers the chemo easier and I amazed that I can’t feel it as the line goes from my arm to my heart. For those who are interested here is a drawing showing what it is…. (Yes, I seriously can’t feel it!!) Thanks for coming mum and keeping me sane through the insertion….

In the last few weeks I’ve heard more and more stories of people who have kept their cancer secret from their family and friends. Me, I’ll tell anyone who will listen. Seriously, my family and friends are the ones who are getting me through this and I couldn’t imagine being alone. It’s bad enough when I’m having chemo and have to stay in hospital. Therefore I do have a few thank you’s to say;

– I’d like to give a special mention to Claire who has been a rock through this and keeping me sane (and taking me out for lovely meals) I don’t always want to talk about The big C so it’s good to have a chin wag with the lovely CK.

– The second special mention goes to Bev, what can I say, she’s been an absolute superstar. She’s fed/watered/visited me. She shaved my head for me (even though I pretended it hurt – I thought she was going to kill me when I did that ha!!) She brought me to Clatterbridge this morning and stayed until tonight. To be fair. The hours flew by, you know with my totally hilarious jokes….. Seriously though, for someone to dedicate this much time and effort – it really means a lot. So thank you.

– I’d also like to say a big thank you to my gorgeous John. He’s with me 24 /7 through the highs and the lows, the appointments, the scans, the treatments…… he cooks, cleans and looks after me when I am ill. He’s just amazing and I can never repay him for what he does for me.

Cycle 2
Well, I’m here for my second cycle. I’m hooked up to Bert and he’s being a noisy bugger today. I swear at one point Bev, John and I were almost asleep with his rhythmic beats….

I’ve lost my appetite already and have felt poorly but as Dr Ali said, there’s a lot of drugs going into me so it’s to be expected. I was emotional when Bev and John were leaving – it’s just so overwhelming being in here so I was made up when mum and dad turned up – with chocolate too!!! Bonus!

I’m going to settle down to watch The Big Bang Theory and Drifters, they should certainly cheer me up.

Na night xxxx

11 thoughts on “I’ll be there for you…. #sarcoma #chemo

  1. Beverley Johnson says:

    Hey tIx I heard about your Blog its so amazing you should be a writer!! Can’t believe this is happening to you. You have so much love and support and obviousl the bertmeister to get you through this. You look amazing on your pics. Still smiling as usual. You really are an inspiration. Am actually crying writing this as I have just read a lot of your stuff and it’s so inspiring and you are so brave and so young and beautiful. I love that you are channelling energy into charity work as well. If you need help with anything let me know. Big hugs. Bevos xx


  2. Brenda Heyes says:

    Your so strong Emma I really admire your courage and don’t worry when you do get emotional, tears are healing so cry all you want cos you will beat this again and be even stronger for it love and hugs xx


  3. Janet Marsh says:

    Keep going Emma you’re so Brave, it’ll be worth it in the end when you Kick the horrible big C ass xxx (even used physcolinguistics so you know we’re not letting slip whilst you’re not there )


  4. Sheila Milner says:

    Hi Emma it’s Sheila keep going you may not hear from all your friends all the time but you do know that everyone is routing and praying for you. You r faith may waiver but with the support and your strength your determination you will get through this and be a better person for this.


  5. jantickle57 says:

    Errrrr what about your corned beef butty???
    Typically you complained it wasn’t on barm cake …. Dad drove 45 miles to bring you that! Lol good to see you enjoy it …. And the chocolate! Mums know what their kids want!

    Hate to see you in there, even harder to leave you there … But so worth it to rid you of this evil intrusion into your beautiful body!

    Love you always and always remember you are surrounded by love and together we will all help you kick this cancers butt! Xx


  6. Lou says:

    Em, I could sit and read your inspirational blog all day! You really do have a way with words and offer so much encouragement to others. Hope you manage to get some sleep with noisy Bert! Take care and lots of hugs. Lou xxx


  7. Bev hope says:

    Hey! Told you before, no need to thank me! You are the sister I always wanted, I love spending time with you, like today, we went for breakfast and the next thing it’s 1pm! You can be Emosh, you are going through so much, however, how funny that the offer of hot chocolate made it better 😉 love ya Ems xxx


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