First week #sarcoma

I’m at the end of my first week after having my first cycle of chemo. I’m pleased to say that the drugs have been kinder than I thought. I honestly believed I would have been bed ridden and that John would be fanning my fever ridden body in a candle lit room….but I have been, well, relatively normal (no jokes there please!)

There are a few effects that I am having. The main way that the treatment has affected me has been fatigue. I am really tired and will sleep anywhere that’s comfy (beware if I come to your house – I nip to the loo never to return – you will find me in your spare bed snoozing…!)
Secondly, my appetite is non existent. I do not want to eat but I know I need to, the issue is that nothing appeals to me. I have been stocking up on rocket ice lollies and Pringles as these kerb the sickness but I know I can’t live off these. The thing that upsets me the most is that bacon and sausage knock me sick (now for those who know me, this is big stuff!!!). We are going for tea with the Scottish McTickles tomorrow and it’s already proving a challenge deciding where to go….

Work and cancer
A few months ago, I read an article where some employers make it difficult for cancer patients to return to work after illness. This really shocked and upset me as my employer had been so supportive during my absence last year. They are even more supportive this time and I can not stress how grateful I am and how lucky I feel to work for such a great company. I just wish that all patients could have the positive experience that I have with my employer.

Hairy stuff
I’m off to a wig shop on Monday to start trying some on so I can see what styles I like. Watch this space…..!

Finally a huge thank you to everyone in my department for my lovely gift and thanks to Joe for my goodie bag. They are very much appreciated.


6 thoughts on “First week #sarcoma

  1. phelps12 says:

    Good luck with your treatment. I went through the adriamycin/ifosfamide combo this summer for soft-tissue sarcoma mets in my lung. I have recently started Votrient, the 2nd line of treatment. I enjoyed your blog and reading about someone going through the same thing I am. Hang in there, sister.


  2. Sue Tickle says:

    I think you work is not only amazing from a practical and financial point of view, but look at the support you get from your lovely work colleagues who ask about you, support you and am sure part of your immediate circle of ‘rocks’ at this time!! Very thoughtful people indeed! xx


  3. Sue Breary says:

    What an inspiration you are 💜 and your blogg is a fantastic idea xx Wishing you loads of love, strength and healing wishes as you tackle the road ahead xx 💙💜💚


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