What to do inbetween….. #Sarcoma #Cancer

Hey all,

Well John picked me up at 11 and and immediately took me to Chez Tickle for one of my mums finest breakfasts. Yum yum (I’m determined to eat as much as I can until my appetite goes) To be honest though, apart from eating, I’ve just slept all day. Now, I don’t know if the fatigue I’m experiencing is a side effect of the treatment or just because I’ve spent the last three nights in an uncomfortable hospital bed. Either way I get to spend my days in the comfiest bed ever with the most gorgeous man ever so it’s not all bad.

John dragged me out of bed at 5 o’clock ish and made me (yes, made me) go to Nandos for tea. Yum yum! For those of you not on his Facebook, he treated me with his winnings from a BetFred free bet (ooh, I’m a lucky lady aren’t i?)

So what do I do now…
John asked me a simple question which has sparked a huge debate in my head. He asked what plans I had for tomorrow.
Honestly, I feel so ok that I could work. It’s bizarre. You hear cancer and you immediately think bald, pale and sick. I am not any of these things yet so I feel a bit of a loss as to what to do. I know I will experience side effects and I should take advantage of being well and crack on with some practical things like looking for wigs and learning how to tie a head scarf but I am struggling with time filling ideas.

I refuse to be a recluse and become housebound with this illness, but I do wonder what I will do to fill my time as the sheer boredom over the next 18 weeks will really stress me out. I also wonder what other people going through chemotherapy do: my ideas are as below (as you can see I need help peeps so get your thinking caps on)

    Take up a new hobby (like knitting hats for Innocent Drinks!! – or even egg hats for Sabrina).
    Do I watch the first series of True Blood that I downloaded on to my iPad in 2010…
    Start my Xmas shopping
    Watch the final 5 episodes of Desperate Housewives (that I downloaded when I was having surgery last year!)
    that’s it….

PTold you my ideas were pants so please give me a hand as I feel I may go crazy.

Anyway, I’m off for Bert free snuggles with my man.

Night peeps xxx
P.s just a reminder of who I met on Wednesday night….


10 thoughts on “What to do inbetween….. #Sarcoma #Cancer

  1. sue penningtoni says:

    Well Em ur only round the corner …I will drop the dogs off anytime you fancy a walk feel free …oh and I can drop my ironing off on my way to work and pick it up on the way home !!! LOL…but seriously do what you can while you can…have fun take care if u need anything just let me know xxx luv Sue xx


  2. Lesley Abraham says:

    Hi Emma, Great to hear you are feeling ok at the moment on this combination of chemotherapy. I had the same combination in 2006 so if you want to talk either phone me or send an e mail and I will try and help in any way I can. Sending load of hugs in the meantime. Lesley Abraham xxxxx


  3. anne cullis-clarke says:

    Hiya Emma, I have just started making jewellery as a hobby. Went to hobbycraft and got all I needed under one roof. They even do carry cases so you could take it in with you when you have chemo. just an idea. take care xxxx


  4. Keith Trudgeon says:

    How much of a list do you want? We’ve got TWO gardens want doing: Kitchen wants renewing: Hall wants new flooring: ALL our upstair rooms want repainting: Loads of ironing wants doing too! You could,of course,just enjoy the time with your family and loved ones, and keep smiling!xx


  5. wendy jones says:

    Hmm – I know someone who needs some research and admin doing for a little business 🙂 Christmas shopping sounds good though especially if you can do mine! Xxx


  6. Bev hope says:

    Oh lots to do at mine…lol. Highlighting your blog, I’m doing that here in Florida at the mo. Our friends here think you are an amazing woman..but already know that. Keep kicking ass Em, I’ll see you soon xx


  7. bearleabatty says:

    Definitely take up a new hobby. Counted cross stitch is good, as it is very portable and very addictive, so you can wile away quite a few hours AND watch your shows. The results can be very beautiful too ..


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