Ding ding round two….

Well as you are all aware, I started chemotherapy this week for the sarcoma on my lungs. I am on a combination therapy of doxorubicin and ifosamide. This means I am on a drip for 14 hours a day for three days. It’s boring and tiring especially as I need to be hooked up to my machine 24 hours a day. During a late night text conversation, my uncle and I named him Bert


There are lots of lovely side effects for me to look forward to, but luckily I’m not having any at the moment. The biggest one is risk of infection so please avoid me if you are ill!

Great Night Out
The night before I came into hospital John and I went to watch Jason Manford with my mum and dad. We had a cracking night and even got to meet the gorgeous comic at the end of the show (yep, it did include standing outside in a thunder storm….but was totally worth it for these….!!!!!)


Apologies it’s short and sweet but I am exhausted. Just wanted to say hello 🙂
See you soon folks xxxx

10 thoughts on “Ding ding round two….

  1. bearleabatty says:

    Bert is a great name .. If you keep that sense of humour going, everything will be lighter. I helped a friend name her cancer Nigel.. (Nigel no friends) we all tell him to just go away.. It makes us all laugh a bit and she even wrote a poem about her clingy friend .. hahah


  2. Katie Thornley says:

    Hi Em ( and Bert)

    Sounds like you and Bert are getting on famously and I always look forward to your updates.

    Keep that positivity flowing and look forward to seeing you soon.



  3. jantickle57 says:

    Yes it was a great night out and took our minds off this terrible shitty disease for a while … Big massive thanks to Jason Manford for taking the time to sign his book for you and give us both hugs … What a star!
    We are all made up and not to mention relieved your first chemo session going so well, we can cope with boredom and even the noisy Bert!!! So proud of our smiling brave girl xx love you so much Emma, mum and dad xx


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