Chemo agreed….still get to go and see @JasonManford

Hello everyone, I have just been to The Royal to see Dr Ali to agree and sign consent for my treatment. I’m having combination chemotherapy and will have to stay over for three nights at Clatterbridge next week. I will then repeat this every three weeks for a further five seasons. I fully understand the side effects and I know this will be no easy ride but I know that with my amazing family and friends I can get through anything. I have never felt as determined to to anything as I do today. On a side note, as the treatment starts on Thursday I still get to go and see the lovely Jason Manford on Wednesday night 🙂 Have a nice weekend peeps xxx

14 thoughts on “Chemo agreed….still get to go and see @JasonManford

  1. Wynn Carter says:

    Hello Emma, I have been thinking of you and how lovely you are, your smile and positive attitude inspires us all. I want to wish you lots of positive thoughts for your chemo this week. I am a new member on the sarcoma group, as are you..I first had a sarcoma in the right thigh in 1999 and had a recurrence for the third time this year. But I’m still here and having a good time! I want to give you that strength knowing that sarcoma can be held at bay for at least fourteen years as in my case and longer in yours…..I’m twice your age and you have youth on your side sweetheart. So go for it girl!! Be strong. Thinking of you. Love and hugs
    Wynn Carter xx


  2. jantickle57 says:

    Reblogged this on ticky55 and commented:
    Please retweet my beautiful brave daughters blog to raise awareness of sarcoma … Please also take the time to read this as one day it may save someone’s life whom you love beyond words ….. I know you have lots of followers so spread the word …. @jasonmanford


  3. Bev hope says:

    You will continue to be positive, inspirational and Totes Amazeballs! It’s going to be a tough ride Em, but we are all strapping ourselves in…we are ready!! Love you Tixilix xx


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