Morning all,

Apologies for not updating last night but I was shattered by the time I got home from Clatterbridge.

I went to see Dr Ali yesterday to discuss my next options. Basically if I have surgery, they would have to do one lung, wait for that to heal and then operate on the second one. In the meantime there could be other cancerous cells lurking that may come to life, therefore he feels we should attack it in the first instance with chemotherapy.

I have two options:
1. standard chemotherapy – I would go once every three weeks for the chemo and I would repeat this six times.
2. trail – basically I could opt for a clinical trial which is being run by cancer research. If I opt for this I will be added to a database and the computer randomly picks if you will go on the standard chemo or a chemo which is usually used third line. Your results are then used for research purposes whichever chemo you end up having.

As my tumours are resectable it may eliminate me from option of the trial, so I am waiting to hear from them today or tomorrow. If I am eliminated I will have standard chemotherapy.

What does chemo do?
Basically the chemo will kill off any lurking cancerous cells in my body. It should either stop the three tumours on my lungs from growing any bigger or shrink them. I will then need to have these three removed surgically as the chemo will not get rid of them.
After two/three sessions I will be rescanned to see how the treatment is working. If the cancer isn’t responding to the treatment then Dr Ali will move me to another one.

It’s all very complicated and a lot to take in but I believe I’m in good hands. As Dr Ali said, there are a lot of positives to draw on and I am focussing on these.


9 thoughts on “Chemotherapy

  1. sandy gilbert says:

    Hey chick we’ve all got our boxing gloves on to help you beat the shit out of it. Ive never known someone smile as much as you even through all of this. Xxxxx


  2. Mark Breary says:

    I just want to say Emma, chemo will make you ill like a bad hangover but once you’ve beat this cancer shit, there will be plenty of hangovers from celebratery drinks, stay strong, you have a big family and lots of friends in your corner, go beat it girl xxx


  3. Pam Turner says:

    Hi Emma cant even imagine what must be going through your mind over the past weeks .If anyone can beat this you can with your determination and great support from the team who are looking after you.The plus side to is that you have a very loving family and a great guy behind you . I know that you all draw comfort from one another.Emma I know with your positivity this will be the backbone in all of this .After reading through your journey upto now I cant believe how much you support everyone elses feelings even though its happening to you .Im proad to have you all has our great friends and will be following your progress.Sending big hugs and positive vibes to a lovely lady ❤


  4. jantickle57 says:

    Emma, you know you can do this … You are too strong to let some stupid cancer cells beat you! How they even dared to attack you in first place shows how stupid they are!!!
    You are positive most of the time and give all the rest of us hope and positive thoughts too … But when you are down or feel you can’t cope your loving friends and family will be there to give you a lift up to fight another day xx
    Round two …. Game on xxxx


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