Just wanted to add a quick note to say that the scans on my leg were clear!!! The reason I was called back for a second MRI was because I had inflammation on one off my muscles-this is because it’s compensating for the ones that I have lost.

Today’s result is obviously fantastic news and means I can focus all of my energy on getting rid of the lung mets. I am at Clatterbridge tomorrow to meet the Doctor who will be taking care of me 🙂

Thanks to the Scottish McTickles for staying at ours, entertaining us and taking us to the hospital today.

And a BIG thank you for all your messages and support through what has been the most difficult week of my life.

17 thoughts on “Results….

  1. Brenda Heyes says:

    Thats Really great news Emma keep smiling cast your mind back to the bikini bottom incident whilst cruising with me and you will be laughing for sure. love and hugs Brenda xx


  2. Alex Harrison says:

    You don’t know me but I go to college with your sister sue would just like to say you are an inspiration to many many people such a brave young lady who had fought every step of the way through your illness. Your positivity alone will beat this dreaded disease xxxxx keep strong my thoughts and prayers with you and I will get an update off your sister each week xxxx


  3. Josie says:

    Emma, As a first time reader of your blog, I feel privileged to have been given a snap shot of the last 12 months and ultimately inspired by steely determination that you demonstrate in the face of adversity. Also if support and love were all you needed to win this particular battle, well you would be crossing the winning line. Our paths have only crossed recently, however your determination in all that you do is second to none, and I am thinking of you, driving others mad no doubt by asking for info, and wishing you well! If there is ever anything I can do please drop me a note and I will do all that I can x


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